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Galileo - Beautiful sailing and then......

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the North Atlantic. We are currently approximately 640 nm off the coast of Georgia @ 31 01.55N / 68 59.10W.

Last night was equally stunning. We were treated to a blaze orange moonrise followed by a moonlit night that danced on the water. The winds were favorable and we were cruising along comfortably at 11 knots or so. Disappointingly, at approximately 23:43, the main halyard snapped and our main sail came crashing down. Eric, on watch, responded calmly and expertly. He immediately called a “all hands on deck”. In quick order, the main was secured in its bag and a damage assessment completed. No other impact was noted. We reported in to rally control who were very supportive. Fortunately, we have other sails and for the rest of the night sailed on our jib. Today, it is the Code Zero’s turn. We continue to make decent time but without the main we will not be able to duplicate our earlier speeds. The broken halyard is visible at the top of the mast. I’ve nicknamed it the “taunting lift”.

The plan is to get the halyard repaired in the BVI’s. Our new friends on Karina, Miles and Anne Poor have offer to assist with engaging a rigger. They have spent years there and have numerous marine contacts. We are a bit frustrated as the halyard is brand new - it was installed two weeks ago at GYB. We replaced the original halyard as the line was stiff and it was a challenge to get the sail down. Ironically, we traded one problem for another. All this not withstanding, we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day.

All is good. Thanks for reading.

SV Galileo


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