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Galileo - Code Zero rocks

Flying today, yesterday not so much.

We sailed slowly on the jib yesterday. Hours were spent attempting to re-rig (for the second time) our main sail. Our earlier fix significantly chafed our spin halyard and aside from not wanting to ruin the line we also didn’t want to risk another failure. Eric, Don and I worked creatively, cooperatively and diligently in the hot sun. Unfortunately, the solution didn’t work out as hoped. Tired and sailing very slowly we started the starboard engine. We decided to motor through the night - making watches and sleep easy.

Today the wind has shifted and out came the Code Zero. On the Zero alone we are flying along at 9+ knots COG - speculating how fast we might be going if we had a main sail! Nonetheless, we are grateful for another beautiful day. I love being on the water.

All is good.
SV Galileo


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