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World Cruising news stories

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Povoa de Varzim . 20/06/2017

Yesterday evening the fleet began to arrive in to Clube Naval Povoense in Portugal. Due to a foggy start the rally left in their own time and the leg was non-competitive. Unfortunately shortly after leaving, Kahleesi experienced problems with their engine. Within minutes of making a VHF call Ian and Westa from A’r mor dirion were alongside and did a fantastic job of towing Khaleesi back to Bayona. They were safely docked in Monte Real Club de Yates to rectify their problem (and are now underway again and planning to catch up with the fleet in Porto this evening, Tuesday).The fog started to lift shortly after the fleet departed. Although the wind remained light all yachts reported a great day on the water, with lots of dolphins sighted on the 50nm passage from Bayona to Povoa. The wind... Click here for more info..

Foggy Start from Baiona. 19/06/2017

On Sunday 19 June, the ARC Portugal rally participants enjoyed the sunny weather Baiona had to offer during a free day to explore the town.... Click here for more info..

Spanish Delights . 18/06/2017

On Friday the ARC Portugal fleet gathered at Monte Real Club De Yates where they enjoyed sangria and snacks on their terrace that overlooks... Click here for more info..

Blue skies welcome ARC Portugal Fleet in to Bayona. 15/06/2017

After departing Falmouth last Sunday, WikiWiki, the first yacht from the ARC Portugal fleet to arrive, docked in Bayona in the early... Click here for more info..

Bula World ARC!. 14/06/2017

The World ARC have been arrived in Fiji and authorized to clear in Vanua Balavu, in Lau Group, a group of officers from Custom and... Click here for more info..

Fleet depart for warmer waters.... at last ! . 10/06/2017

The fleet have made the most of their time in Falmouth visiting local attractions and of course sampling the traditional pubs and... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe 2017 Last Leg Underway. 10/06/2017

After cruising the islands of the Azores the ARC Europe fleet divides into two groups.  Leg 3A Group are sailing almost due East... Click here for more info..

Island-Hopping in the Azores. 09/06/2017

The ARC Europe fleet left Horta (Faial) to spend almost three days on Terceira Island before heading to S. Miguel and get ready for the... Click here for more info..

Nofo ā Tonga, World ARC 2017-18 sailing from Tonga to Fiji . 09/06/2017

It’s already time to leave for Fiji, the World ARC participants gathered together at the Mango Café’ for Dinner and Prizegiving for Leg 5... Click here for more info..

Fleet arrive in Falmouth. 05/06/2017

All yachts reported a good day’s sailing, having set off yesterday at around 0900 local time from Mayflower Marina the fleet began to... Click here for more info..

Delayed start to ARC Portugal 2017. 04/06/2017

Unsettled conditions in the western approaches have caused a delay to the start of ARC Portugal. Rather than risk being out at sea as a deep... Click here for more info..

Malo E Lelei World ARC!. 04/06/2017

The last week World ARC fleet has arrived Neiafu, in the Vava’u island group of the wonderful Kingdom of Tonga.This is the end of the Leg 5... Click here for more info..

Horta draw to a close. 02/06/2017

Saturday was a busy day in Horta with a Skippers’ briefing in the morning, a tour around the island of Faial and the Prize Giving for leg 2,... Click here for more info..

Day two in Plymouth. 03/06/2017

Yesterday was another busy day at Mayflower Marina with yachts making use of the shuttle busses provided by our partner charity horizons who... Click here for more info..

ARC Portugal 2017 begins in Plymouth. 02/06/2017

At 09:00 yesterday the ARC Portugal office opened in Mayflower Marina In Plymouth, marking the beginning of the 2017 rally. All yachts... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe Fleet almost complete in the Azores. 01/06/2017

After 1800NM and pretty constant strong winds for the quarter of the fleet arriving in the Azores, several crews have been surprised and... Click here for more info..

The Azores Cruise. 31/05/2017

The Azores Cruise covers the two middle weeks of the rally.  Located 850NM off the Portuguese coast this archipelago is not... Click here for more info..

Mayflower Marina welcomes first arrivals ahead of ARC Portugal 2017. 30/05/2017

Mayflower Marina in Plymouth has begun to welcome participants set to join ARC Portugal 2017 ahead of their departure from the Plymouth... Click here for more info..

Off the beaten tracks: World ARC in Suwarrow and Niue. 29/05/2017

After sailing 690 from Bora Bora, World ARC fleet joined the atoll of Suwarrow, a beautiful island part of the Cook Islands. The fleet... Click here for more info..

First Arrivals in the Azores. 27/05/2017

The first boat is now just a few hours away from Horta. The German flagged X-562, Teamgeist chose a route north of the rhumb line... Click here for more info..