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Girolle - Day 13 & 14 Porto & beyond

Before I start, I must mention Mike Higginson... Mike, if you are still reading my ramblings, ARC Sarah who does the technical wizardry stuff posting these blogs, showed me your FB comment yesterday. Glad you are enjoying the ramblings, honoured to be known as ‘Soupy Sue’ (I have been called far worse)!
Back to the matter in hand. Yesterday, we travelled to Porto where we went on a tuk tuk tour of the beautiful city. It was my third visit to the city and I never tire of its beauty or friendly atmosphere. We were fortunate to have been allocated a young man called Manuel, seemingly the friendliest tuk tuk driver on the planet. So uplifting to come across someone with such zest for life, so smiley and cheerful. His enthusiasm was infectious and being Porto born and bred he seemed to know absolutely everything about Porto, it’s history and everyone in it. His passion for his heritage was impressive. He said a very cheery ‘hello’ to anyone and everyone we passed, which got me thinking that if we all adopted a similar approach, such a simple gesture could go a long way to making the world a better place.
Half way through the tour we had a quick pit stop which involved the consumption of Pasteis de Natas... traditional Portuguese custard tarts from a Pasteis de Natas bakery. Having never tried one, these were still warm out of the oven and can only be described as simply delicious. I think I have discovered a new addiction, or as Manuel put it, religion! Whilst waiting to get back in the tuk tuk our eyes were drawn to a shop decorated and laid out like an old fashioned fairground. First glance assumption was that it was a toy shop. Far from it, inside were wall to wall tinned sardines!
The tuk tuk tour culminated in a tour of a Port house. We learned how Port is made and the difference between the different types of Port, as well as being treated to a tasting of white and ruby Port. More importantly, we learned that once opened, vintage Port must be consumed within three days otherwise it deteriorates rapidly. Now there’s an excuse to drink it quick if there ever was one.
Today we are back at sea heading South again to Figueira da Foz, currently surrounded by wet clothing as Dave had one job last night, to do the laundry. He got side tracked by the offer of a guided tour of Gunnar’s beautiful boat; in the interest of international relations the washing never made it to the dryer. We have rigged up a washing line in the cabin so to get anywhere you have to play dodge the laundry.
That’s all folks, until next time.
Photo: Sunset over Povoa de Varzim


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