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Girolle - Day 6 - Update

Late afternoon, I was up on deck and drifted off into my thoughts, one of those moments where I found myself contemplating the magnitude of sailing across the Bay of Biscay in a small boat. We were being thrown around by some big waves which reinforced how tiny and insignificant we are out in the ocean. Suddenly, 4 dolphins leapt out of the water in front of my field of view, as if to reassure me we were not alone in the vastness of the seas. Dave was helming and we were treated to a magnificent display of dolphins alongside us for a good 20 minutes, probably longer. 4 quickly became 8, we watched more leaping towards the boat from quite a distance. They seemed to routinely come and join us on and off until dusk, whether the same ones or lots of different ones we’ll never know. This has to be the most marvellous dolphin display we’ve seen so far, it’s a huge privilege to witness such a magnificent spectacle. They are such captivating creatures, I hope our boat has entertained them as much as they’ve entertained us.

Photo: Even the clouds have started to look like dolphins


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