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Owner Ade and Bev Leppard
Design Beneteau Oceanis 45
Length Overall 13 m 85 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Falcon - Grenada - we made it..!!

That’s it then.The fat lady is centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall and belting out a medley of old school classics… we have safely arrived in Grenada.We had a proper Caribbean welcome as we approached Grenada, with a dolphin escort and then a final glorious golden sunset leading us toward the last 20 miles.What a ride we have had; there have been highs but, amazingly, not a single low… some challenges maybe, but certainly no tears - we even found humour when the windvane rudder snapped off (“well that should give us an extra half a knot”!)So our passage and Atlantic adventure is at an end. Before dashing off to find the nearest back-street tattoo parlour to have our chests emblazoned with a well-earned Atlantic anchor, time to look back on what we have experienced and achieved.We know. read more...


Falcon - Final day

Nearly there. 50 miles to go. We feel tired but we feel great. What an amazing adventure. Can’t wait to hear all and share stories with the other brave and adventurous ARC+ Crews. There is much partying and rum punch drinking to be done. Bring it on….image1. read more...


Falcon - Crossing Day 13

Distance run last 24 hours 152 nautical miles.Miles to go to Grenada 90.The end may be within touching distance, but old Captain Bligh here on Falcon is still working us scurvy crewdogs to the bitter end.Having decided yesterday that we would finish the passage on broad reaches, we went through the convoluted process of de-rigging the spinnaker pole.However, our skipper has proven to be as fickle as the wind, so it was no surprise to Bev and Helm Monkey to be told to ready themselves for resetting the pole and launching the BFOS.Well now, here comes another sorry tale…… you may remember from a few blogs back that the Bluewater Runner sail had to be wrestled down and stuffed somewhat unceremoniously into its bag in the dark and during what very much felt like a baby hurricane; truth be. read more...


Falcon - Crossing Day 12

Distance run 158 nautical miles.Miles to Grenada 237.Over 2000 nautical miles sailed since Mindelo!After the excitement of the previous evening, a leisurely bimble along in light airs was a welcome opportunity to relax a little.At dusk, we were treated to an incredible sunset which even had Captain Grumpy ooohing and aaahing as a two tone sky developed; pink to starboard and teal blue to port, eerily separated by an almost vertical line - most unusual!With relatively settled weather, and a low risk of squalls, we started the night watches expecting a stress free overnighter.It is a foolish sailor who doesn’t expect the unexpected however!At 0300 in the morning, lights began to appear all around what was, only a short time ago, an empty horizon with no Automated Identification System. read more...


Falcon - Crossing Day 11

Distance run last 24 hours178 nautical miles; miles until Grenada 388; new Falcon speed record 14.5 kts.; shooting stars wished upon, 6; flying fish saved, 1; Rudders lost, 1… best get the popcorn out and settle back… there’s some stories to tell today!We start on a lighter note. Today was ‘half-way of the second half’ day’In plain English, this means we have sailed passed the “500 miles to go” point!On a boat looking for any excuse to party, any Monday blues were washed away with Bev again treating us to pizza followed by boat-made lemon sponge cake - delicious! If only Captain Temperance hadn’t rejected the request from thirsty Helm Monkey to break out the rum…Keeping the rig intact over long distance whilst ocean sailing is very much like playing a ‘spot the difference’ picture quiz;. read more...

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