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Blonde Moment
Owner Paul Wade
Design Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II
Length Overall 14 m 99 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4458L

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Blonde Moment - fish on!

Rain overnight Saturday to Sunday and grey, damp and cold at dawn.However, the day improved with good sailing under code zero, blue skies and then the spinnaker.Having finished dinner by 1900 hours we were just discussing dropping the spinnaker for overnight when both fishing lines "caught".Mayhem followed........The wind picked up; the skipper wanted the spinnaker down "now" and two fish needed pulling in.The spinnaker won followed by two beautiful big eye tuna, which were landed, despatched, filleted and in the fridge before the code zero was put up and the back deck hosed down - all within the hour!More rain overnight last night and another damp, grey dawn but we have enjoyed fresh tuna salad for lunch and Jamie Oliver's working girls pasta (more tuna) this evening.All well on board. read more...


Blonde Moment - Azores to Lagos Blonde Moment

Well our Azores cruise definitely saved the best till last!Horta was a safe haven where we caught up on sleep and made repairs.The tour of the volcano crater was disappointing because all we saw was cloud.Terceira had potential with a beautiful garden in the Unesco World Heritage city (David Austin roses).We took a taxi to a sulphur crater which was interesting and caught glimpses of volcanic peaks through cloud.BUT our mooring on the sea wall was uncomfortable with the swell coming round the corner and we were all glad to leave.Ponta Delgada was calm in contrast and we had a wonderful tour of pineapple estate, green craters, lakes and pastoral scenes.However, Santa Maria, our final stopover is a little gem.We hired a car and saw such contrasts in landscapes for such a small island.White. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 10

Wednesday 23rd MayTuesday night was.......COLD... wet , very wet and dark. I am not sure if the time spent in the Caribbean had made me soft but Colin fro Washington DC also agree and was wearing more layers than me. This was a low point as not only did we have light or no wind the SSB net revealed that other yachts near our position still had wind , no rainand were sailing. we both agreed thatdinner should bebeans, bacon,eggs and hash browns - good warming food for a yuk night.It was not a pleasant night with lumpy seas making sleep difficult and constant attention to the sail trim was required due to the changing winds of between5-25 kts kept one busy during the night watch butas the night continued the winds became more consistentand eventuallywe were again sailing fastwith 2 reefs in. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 9

Monday 21 - Tuesday 22 mayLast night was Amazing in fact the last 24 hrs from Monday 1200 UTC to Tuesday 1200 UTC has been remarkable in may ways..Firstly the sailing has been fantastic ...... down wind , 2-3 mseas and wins 20 - 30 kts make for some great surfing conditions and the moon illuminating the way ... brilliant!Blonde Moment broke her speedrecord to date with 14.5 kts and a 24 hr run of 230 miles.203 miles in the right direction towards Horta.... a really good 24 hrs sailing.However just before the SSB net @ 12:30 UTC it all started to go wrong.....The wind began to ease and veer to the north meaning our course was not good- unless we wanted to go to the cape Verde islands!And now it started to rainTo get back on course we had to change our sail plan from down wind to up wind. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 8

sunday 20th maySailing today was good in SW winds Force 5 with poled out head sail , stay sail and main, we were flying along with this sail plan our maneuverability is limited and typically it was not soon before a car transporter ship appeared over the horizon and was on a collision course !A call on VHF and the situation was soon resolved as the officer of the watch was happy to alter course for us and give us more sea room ... thank you so much... in the English channel it can sometimes be hard to get a ship to answer the VHF and changing course is "pie on the sky" but out here generally the big ships can be very helpfulAs forecast the wind increased on sunday night and the fun began as we surfed down the building swell - great funAs we are 2 handed on this leg sleep has been our. read more...

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