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What’s Next
Owner Chris Line
Design Jeanneau Yacht 54
Length Overall 16 m 16 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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What’s Next - What’s Next 29 Jan

29/01 @ 1835 14'18.92N 060'16.97W Before we begin this blog, Joe would like to publicly apologise for his slander of Jacob in last night's blog. "I was trying to be funny, but as you might have worked out, I'm not. At all. I am disappointed in myself for many reasons but, mainly, because he is my idol and he's probably the coolest bloke I know", Joe Burnip. So this is it, the closing curtain, the final blog post from the lyricists. Its been one day shy of three weeks since we left Las Palmas and what a story those three weeks have become. We encountered so much from whales to tropical birds, from Mahi Mahi to becoming international rescuers. In the final days of this voyage we have been slightly disheartened by the conditions we were being handed but tonight, as we are closing. read more...


What’s Next - What’s Next 28 Jan

28/01 @ 1938 14'59.80N 057'33.28W Right, hey guys welcome back to another edition of Jacob and Joe on the sea, Jacob and Joe to the Caribbean We Go. 'I don't like warm drinks at all' a little side note as Jacob attempted to contribute to a conversation, still trying to be apart of something, he's done this on more than one occasion. If you asked us this time a week ago where we would be right now, we would be saying sat at a bar getting absolutely swash-buckled. Our next milestone is to get less than 200 miles to go which we're only three miles away from. Joe and Jacob cracked open a cold one with the boys in the shape of a Thatchers Gold to wash down the Thai green curry Joe cooked up tonight to satisfy our hunger. We've also had some friendly competition today from. read more...


What’s Next - What’s Next 27 Jan

27/01 @ 1943 15'47.80N 055'05'09W Is anyone out there?  Today has been a day of unpredictable nature. Mother nature has not been on our side, with Mr Night's hand upon our shoulder, this has brought very light winds forcing us to use what little fuel left we have onboard. Trying to not let our current situation dampen our spirits, further strategy has allowed us focus on being more efficient so that we have enough fuel to be able to motor in to Rodney Bay. This is something we're not worried about because with our day light hours being filled with good winds allowing us to sail comfortably and make good speed counteracts the need to motor at night. Morale is still up there and laughs are still being had so nothing is stopping us from having a good time. Talking about. read more...


What’s Next - What’s Next 26 Jan

26/01 @ 1842 16'32.25N 052'45.37W Good evening, The crew of 'What's Next' were busy on deck at the crack of dawn this morning eager to get the most of the favorable winds and utilise 'The Whoomper' (formerly known as 'The Beast'). We were then welcomed to lighter winds and choppier sea than expected, but make no mistake, our shining light of a vessel has not retracted and continues to drive us through this desolate watery desert. Joe and Jacob retreated themselves into a few games of cards, consisting of Snap, Go-Fish and 21. Jacob won every game (is what he likes to think). Due to the intense heat at these latitudes, every opportunity to escape the scorching sun was taken without hesitation. As of ten minutes ago, we are within 500 nautical miles of our destination!. read more...


What’s Next - What’s Next 25/1

25/01 @ 1933 16'59.74N 050'24.44W What a night we've had, it didn't stop raining until 0345. When we say raining,  it wasn't your casual summer time UK drizzle, we're talking about standing in a shower on full power getting absolutely drenched kind of rain. It was nuts! Once that had passed, the winds came in and thank God they did. Since then we have had a good strong consistent wind of 12-16kts gusting up to 20-23 at times from the north-east to south-east direction. Max speed so far has been 10.5 on a surf off a wave. Still goose winging it right now, we're going to keep like this for the night and at day light we'll bring the pole down, furl away the headsail and unleash The Beast as the conditions will be perfect for it. Having now passed 50 degrees west. read more...

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