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Mrs. G
Owner Norbert and Sonja Glahn
Design Amel 60
Length Overall 20 m 5 cm
Flag Germany
Sail Number G6004

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Mrs. G - Mrs.G 3044 Miles Report

Mrs.G 3044 Miles ReportSo, here we are, in the Rodney bay Marina in St. Lucia.We made 3044 Miles altogether. We started at 12 o‘ clock on Sunday, January 10th UCT time, and we entered the marina and docked at 13 o‘ clock on Friday, January 28th UCT time. But it is not necessary to give you these data , is it? As we found out, all our loved ones and friends were regularly following the ARC lates news and also now exactly where we are and when we passed the finish line. ( But they do not know where we hadlunch in the marina today :-) ) When we were young we believed Orwell was writing science fiction stories…. The last days of our passage over the Atlantic we were becoming slower and slower. There was no expected strong trade wind and the fact that we did not have a gennacker did not help. read more...


Mrs. G - Mrs.G 2000 Miles Report

Here we are again. Mrs.G passed 2000 miles early this morning; it took us another six days to reach this milestone. Two thirds of our route is behind us.What happened in these six day? Not much and a lot! We are still in the middle of the Atlantic and one could say, there is nothing but water here. But - the sea changes all the time, the waves are bigger, smaller, higher... The clouds are building, one can see squalls around and some also come to us. We were watching the moon rising every night and had a beautiful full moon, which is now becoming smaller again. And even in the middle of the ocean the sunrise is not the same every morning...What we really do not have is any life around us: with the exception of one (1) albatross some days ago, who came from nowhere , made two turns around. read more...


Mrs. G - 1000 miles done

Mrs.G 1000 miles reportAfter crossing the 1000 miles line today in the morning it is time forMrs.G and her crew to give a short report about how it went until now.We are on an Amel 60, a double handed crew, or better in the manner ofknowing what and how to do a single handed one :-)Our Mrs.G is rather new - although scheduled to be taken over in April2020, we, thanks to all the Covid restrictions, managed to do so only inApril 2021.All our plans changed because of Covid - there was no way to sail north ofLa Rochelle in May this year. Since we were in the last 20 years mainlysailing in the Med, with shorter passages on the Atlantic coast and theCaribbean, we decided end of May to sail from France to the Azores andback to get the feeling for longer passages. Afterwards we knew that. read more...

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