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Another Brick
Owner Jan Markus Renlund
Design Beneteau First 44.7
Length Overall 13 m 68 cm
Flag Finland
Sail Number FIN11932

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Another Brick - Wind picking up

Slightly more wind today, consistently 15 to 20 knots, occasionally gusting to 25. The swell is increasing in height as well.We’re sailing with a double jib, one reef in the main, and doing between 7 and 9 knots.image1. read more...


Another Brick - Yet another fish

The fourth catch today was a slightly larger mahi mahi, maybe around 7kg.We had just finished eating mahi mahi and tuna for lunch, when Kerkko replenished our fish supply. As I’m writing, we caught a big one on our second line, but it managed to break the line and get away.. read more...


Another Brick - Good fishing day

Good fishing day today - five catches, four mahi mahi and one tuna. read more...


Another Brick - Memorable nights at sea

Day turns into night. Time flies at a different pace out here.The long warm nights leave time for contemplation, peace and star watching.image1. read more...


Another Brick - 11-28 Slow progress - good fishing

The bad news is that there hasn't been much wind out here, but the good news is that less speed means more fish. We caught our third Mahi-mahi today :-)Unfortunately with the third fish, our fishing rod broke for the second time already. It seems that it was intended for only catching one single fish :-(Well, we'll try mending it again tomorrow.. read more...

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