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ARC Europe

Cruise in company from the Caribbean or USA to Marina de Lagos in southern Portugal. Explore the Atlantic islands of Bermuda and the Azores with friends.
More than just a trans-ocean delivery, ARC Europe is a convivial way to start a European adventure or to end a Caribbean season. The rally has two starts; From St Maarten or the US East Coast with online support; with the two fleets meeting in Bermuda. Then on to cruise the Azores, seeing bull running, flowers, traditional buildings and spectacular scenery before the final voyage to Europe.
Our team are with you in every port, helping you make the most of your time ashore with parties and tours, advice and support.
“It has been a lot of fun to cruise the Azores in the company of other ARC Europe boats”

Kinship - Arrival in Horta, Ursula, Andy, Tim and Mia
Kinship - Rigging check, Kinship from above


Celebrations and Farewells in Lagos.

Six weeks ago the fleet set off from the island of St Maarten on a steady ride to Bermuda where BYS & St George’s Dinghy and Sports Club did their best to accommodate us all in the town of St George’s.The weather on passage from Bermuda to the Azores was quite consistent, especially for those that have chosen a route south of the rhumb line. But very challenging for those who chosen the... Click here for more info..

First Arrival in Lagos.

The Prizegiving for Leg 2, Bermuda to Azores was held at Fort Sao Roque Restaurant in Ponta Delgada where everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner and local wines. It was indeed a day for celebration, laughter, and story sharing after the Atlantic crossing and Azores adventures. In S. Miguel, we said farewell to the fantastic crews of Blonde Moment, Griselda and Charlotte, who will make their... Click here for more info..

Catching up in the Azores.

After arriving in Horta as the first stop in the Azores the majority of the fleet have now moved to Ponta Delgada, on the island of Sao Miguel. The fleet arrived in Marina de Ponta Delgada over a few days with the first boats coming in on Sunday and Monday and the last boats yesterday with Jubilate Mare coming from Horta along with Griselda who came directly from Bermuda and were met on the... Click here for more info..
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Time Out - Time Out - Day 27 Azores to Portugal

Jour 27 : première pêcheOuf, il était temps… les pêcheurs ont attrapé leur premier poisson ce matin. Il sera servi à table demain midi.Nous avons quitté la navigation au moteur dans la matinée pour passer sous code 0 puis sous génois dans l’après read more...


Time Out - Time Out - Day 26 Azores to Portugal

Jour 26 : soleil et moteurAu petit matin, nous avons rentré le code 0 et mis le moteur. Le soleil a refait son apparition, nous l’avions quitté aux acores. La météo prévoit une molle de vent jusqu’à demain soir. Nous devrions retoucher du vent à read more...


Time Out - Time Out - Day 25 Azores to Portugal

Jour 25 : grisailleNous sommes toujours sous code 0 et nous avançons bien avec un vent de 15/18 noeuds et une vitesse de 7/8 noeuds avec des pointes a 10. Ce matin nous avons eu un peu de pluie et le temps est reste nuageux toute la journée. Il read more...


Time Out - Time Out - Day 24 Azores to Portugal

Jour 24 : Navigation sous code 0Navigation plus paisible aujourd’hui. Nous avons passé la matinée en vent arrière avec les voiles en ciseaux puis le vent fléchissant, nous avons sorti le code 0. Les vagues ont diminué d’amplitude et devraient read more...


Time Out - Time Out - Day 23 Bermuda to Azores

Jour 23 : Vagues de traversDépart hier après midi sous le soleil et sous le vent de l’île qui nous a permis de reprendre la navigation en toute tranquillité. Passé l’île, le vent a forci un peu et les vagues de travers se sont progressivement read more...

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It really was a highlight of our year's sailing last year.

Margaret Meade, sy Re Shuanta
Joining ARC Europe is not only crossing an ocean, but sharing the experience of a lifetime with an amazing group of sailors and making friendships forever. We joined ARC Europe for safety reasons but it turned out to be the final highlight of this year's journey.
Ursula Weissman. sy Starship

World Cruising Club

Boot is Back!

Europe's largest boat show, Boot Düsseldorf, is back in action again and World Cruising Club will be there to welcome ARC sailors, both old and new, face-to-face. There is so much to see and explore at Boot that you'll need more than one day to see it all. With excellent transport links, plenty of hotels, and the world's marine industry attending, it is the 'must see' boat show for boaters from across Europe and beyond. Come and find the WCC team at 10E31 in Hall 10.... more info

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