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Owner Paul Ellis
Design Humphries Yachting World 42
Length Overall 12 m 80 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR6746T

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Firefly - Ode to ARC Europe

This is the story of ARC Europe, Bermuda to the Azores (day five), After a couple of days of light winds, Things have really come alive.   The fleet is pressing Eastwards, The Azores the distant prize, The sun on the horizon, Marks the spot when it does rise.  Leading the pack is Lumikki, the Finns know how to fly, They raced their way into rain though, At least the rest of us stayed dry!   They're so far ahead at this stage, They could be there by dusk, So there's one request from the rest of thefleet:, “Please save some beers for us!”   And then there is Devona, Five dashing bold young men, Their broken rudder no problem, For lads the calibre of them.   Despite their steering problem, On and on they roar, No challenge too great for a crew likethis, Yes, it's a. read more...


Firefly - The hunt for wind continues....

It’s been a somewhat frustrating 24hrs for the crew of Firefly wind-wise(just as I’m sure it has been for several of the other yachts in the ARC Europefleet), however this has been ameliorated by beautiful sunshine and a slightdrop in daytime temperature to a much more comfortable level.  We’ve beenusing the iron horse for much of the time apart from a lovely silent hour thismorning when the winds picked up for a while, however this was short-lived asthey fell away as quickly as they arrived.  They’ve been steadily buildingthroughout the day though and after studying the various forecasts in detailwe’re expecting to get to a suitable wind-zone imminently, so hopefully we’ll beunder full sail again shortly.  As I type this I‘m hearing Peter and Paulhoisting the mainsail. read more...


Firefly - ARC Eurovision Song Contest

  All is well aboard Firefly after almost 2 days of blissful sailing. Theexpected light winds have been just enough to make good progress towards theAzores using our Assymetric Spinnaker. Achieving the desired course and headingnorth east we have managed to log 330 miles sailed in the first 48 hours.However, the wind has now veered and it is a difficult decision whether to ybeand head north or whether to just carry on east.....heading north east is nolonger possible at a reasonable speed. We have elected to gybe but will downloadthe latest weather gribs soon in order to work out our strategy and make surethat heading north is the best call.   Mike, our new crew member has settled in very well and life aboard with 3people means 50% less watches and much more sleep fact. read more...


Firefly - Leaving Bermuda

We are provisioned and checked out so are ready for the next leg leaving at 11:10 local time tomorrow.Mike Sandover has now joined us so a bit more sleep for Paul and Peter this time.It’s been a great stop over here many thanks to the ARC Europe team and the St George’s Dinghy and Sports Club ;they could not have done more to make us welcome and at home. Bermuda is a fantastic and friendly place and hope to be back sometime.Next stop the Azores!Paul, Mike and Peter. read more...


Firefly - SSB Net traffic

While we were net controller for the day on passage from the BVIs we asked the fleet to summarise their day in three words. Here are some of the responses ;Blond Moment ; English Afternoon TeaChat Eau Bleu; Where are the Fish ? (well4 words but who’s counting)Firefly ; Avacado just rightKhaleesi; Nine knot sailing,Spindrift; What’s for dinner?Zealand; Knife through butterDevona; Fishing for weed.and our favourite and winner of the prize;My Lady; Gintonic Ultimate SundownerHopefully more contributions on the next legPaul, Mike (just arrived) and Peter. read more...

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