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Owner Stuart Kirkham
Design Wauquiez 43
Length Overall 13 m 25 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GB 100

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Khaleesi - Log Day 7 Rough Weather

The weather had been very rough and we had experienced a number of crashes and bangs with kit and equipment being thrown around their storage areas. But one noise in particular grabbed our attention; it was a clunking noise that occurred whenever we changed tack (inadvertently)We put it down to something in the lazerette locker moving around. In the morning as daylight broke I popped my head up into the cockpit to ask Pete and Graham about the sail plan to see if they had any suggestions.We also mentioned the noise, and therudder bearing was mentioned as a possible cause.We quickly removed the emergency tiller cover, and soon spotted that the rudder bearing was slipping; Oh No, not again!There was nothing for it but to deal with it immediately.I furled in the genoa, got the guys to come. read more...


Khaleesi - Log Day 6 sublime sailing with the cruising chute

Our sublime sailing with the cruising chute came to an end as I suppose it had to. The wind died almost completely and the news from across the fleet on the SSB net was the same for everyone; no wind.We limped on for a while but then gave up the struggle and turned on the engine.We went through the night and decided at about 10am the following morning to get the sails up once again. But the wind gods were busy elsewhere and only 5 hours later the engine was switched back on. It seemed that apart from one or two others everyone else had done the same in an attempt to climb further North towards the 40th latitude, where rumour had it there was some weather to be found. We have a respectable amount of fuel on board, but by the next day I becoming concerned that we were consuming too much. read more...


Khaleesi - Log Day 2 Leaving Bermuda

Leaving BermudaWe had an interesting start to our departure day; we needed to get to the local chandlery / hardware store in St Georges first thing in the morning to get a replacement 6 inch bolt for the auto pilot quadrant. We were at the store as they opened and fortunately they had the right size of bolt, sort of, as Bermuda still works with USA imperial sizes whilst we in Europe work with metric sizes. Anyway, the bolt we got was OK and Pete Bennett was soon in the lazerette locker fitting it.Now this all happened because on passage to Bermuda the steering gear was making some unusual noises, so I decided to take a look. Initially we thought it was a loose cable, but then I also noticed the loose bolt that was replaced. On further inspection Pete also found that the top rudder. read more...

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