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Jubilate Mare
Owner Paul Townsend
Design Oyster 47
Length Overall 14 m 30 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 47-35

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Jubilate Mare - Are we there yet?

I shall miss night passages, there is something quite surreal about sailing in the dark. It is as though you are in a simulator and somehow you’re not really moving. Well, anyhow, that’s how it feels to me. The dreamlike quality is especially magical when sailing along a moonlit path.Having successfully caught the wind we have been making good progress. Tomorrow we hope to be celebrating the half way point to the Azures. We shall toast this landmark (or should that be seamark?! ) with a tot of Goslings rum and a bottle of wine with dinner. Bee. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Hooray!

We’ve now been sailing for 24 hrs. It is lovely listening to the waves and to hear the the wind on the canvas again. So much pleasanter than the drone of the engine. We are having a cracking sail - 7 to 8 knots. JM is beautifully balanced and Heidi is doing her thing, which makes for a super relaxed sail. The night sky is beautiful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stars. Luminescence in our wake gives the impression of celestial bodies having fallen into the water. We have on board what Bruno calls the Precious Box. This is the biscuit container. ( Or as Bruno pronounces it‘bees- quit’). I think it is his favourite item!! We are a very happy crew and enjoy lots of daily laughter and fun.Some boats we hear are getting very wet, but so far we have managed to stay South of the wet. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Back on sail!

Today is Sunday and after 42 hours of no wind we are back on sail! The kangaroo is flying high and Heidi Hydrovane is steering us East. Fresh bread in the oven, what more can we ask for? Well, fresh fish would be nice for supper, so the fishing lines are out. Otherwise it will be cans of beans for the last five days. Who bought those?! Still a secret.. Luckily there is guacamole on the menu today.We were visited by some dolphins and thousands of war of man are floating by. Still waiting for the whales to wave hello. With 1271 miles to go, we have good hope to see them.At happy hour we’re all on deck, sharing a drink and something to eat before the night watch starts. And who can beat the Perudo master in de game of dices? Hopefully this night the sky will be as bright as the last few. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Still no wind or fish but we do have fresh bread!

We are only going to motor until 1800 today, even if we haven’t found the elusive wind, the last thing we need to do is run out of fuel. Despite having put out lines, almost every day, we have yet to catch a fish on this rally. No doubt it will taste all the better when we finally do - or should that be IF?Kieron has been making bread, so that is something we all look forward to daily. Unfortunately I think we will run out of flour before we get to Horta. Bruno has been taking lessons from the master and has declared ‘I shall never buy bread again’. He cooked supper last night and declared it to be ‘Rice and Things’, and I must say R&Ts went down very well after the evening’s G&Ts. Boat days have now settled into a lovely rhythm. We adopted Claire’s suggested watch pattern (given. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Where’s the wind?

Well, after our initial euphoria with the extra speed gained by putting up the cruising chute, the wind slowly died on us and we were struggling to get 3 knots. Every possible sail combination was tried - but to no avail. So they were all put away and we turned the engine on and headed north to chase the wind for the next 24 hours. We heard we were not alone in making this decision over the radio, so that was reassuring.Chef of the day was Kieron and he whizzed up some seriously garlicky humus that we had with our evening tipple. No one was going to be bothered by vampires for the rest of the night. Salmon pasta and fruit cocktail followed and all plates were licked clean - it saves on water not having to wash up! We will see what delights tomorrow has in store.. read more...

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