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Jubilate Mare
Owner Paul Townsend
Design Oyster 47
Length Overall 14 m 30 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 47-35

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Jubilate Mare - Wonderful Wednesday

We are speeding along towards the end of our epic voyage. If theses winds continue we will arrive in a blaze of glory under full sail with the flags flying. Such a contrast to our westward crossing where we were rejoicing if we saw 4 knots!All is not well aboard though, Kieron called for a minute’s silence yesterday as the last of the gin was emptied into the glasses! Tonight’s tipple will have to be the Gosling rum that we’ve been saving for a special occasion. The eve of our arrival in Lagos would seem to fit the bill admirably.. read more...


Jubilate Mare - The Gap’s Closing

We had superb winds overnight and achieved speeds of up to 8.4 on occasions. Today, however, is a different story and we are back to motoring. I woke to a very grey day. Grey sky, grey sea and an unpleasant chill to the air. This has been the most unpromising day of our crossing so far but it is nothing to complain about. We really have been so very lucky on this passage and fingers crossed that for the last few days our luck will hold.Crew morale is high with Kieron, once again, baking daily bread. I don’t think it canbe beaten, straight out of the oven, spread with butter melting into the warm slices. The rest of the crew prefer to have peanut butter or jam added but I think that spoils it. We have had two near misses with catching fish number two but at least we have won the bottle of. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Magic Monday

Tuna was enjoyed for lunch (sashimi with soy and wasabi) and dinner (seared) yesterday but the hoped for second fish is stilleluding us. However, after a number of hours under engine we are now happily sailing again. Kieron produced a fantastic breakfast of pink grapefruit juice, toast, mushrooms, bacon and pancakes. So that has got the day off to a cracking start. Happy Hour continues to be a daily focus which takes a lot of planning and is always greatly welcomed by the crew. We are a happy bunch laughing and singing along to the CD of choice for the evening’s pre-dinner entertainment. I will be sorry when this epic adventure comes to an end and our ‘boat family’ disperses across the globe. However, on the plus side, my friend Jeannie is flying out to be dockside to welcome us in and. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Leg 3

Well after a cracking start we have now been motoring for 12 hours. However, the sun is still shining and it has been a fantastic rally, I will be sorry when it finally comes to an end. But that won’t be until Sunday so anything could happen. Dolphins have been spotted again but we have still to catch a fish - or even two! I’ve assured Bruno that we WILL catch one before we get to Lagos and I only hope we don’t have to delay our arrival to keep that promise!The sky is beautiful and Kieron has just echoed my thoughts by saying “What a glorious day.” I wonder if we have been especially lucky on this crossing? Other people we have known to journey west have talked of having to endure rain and cold. We on the other hand have been able to sunbathe. The mini cruise in The Azores was a delight,. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Really REALLY nearly there!

Well, we now have less than 150 miles to go; so with luck, and a following wind, we should be in Horta for breakfast tomorrow. We had five further sightings of dolphins yesterday and just before supper whales were spotted in the distance. The whoops and cheers from the crew probably frightened away any fish thatmight, and I do mean just MIGHT, have been around. It will be strange being back in the ‘real’ world after life in our little bubble. We don’t know what’s been going on, though I seem to remember something about a wedding. Oh yes, and I believe today is a Bank Holiday back home so it is probably raining!There is a certain freedom being mostly disconnected from everyday goings-ons. It’s like the old days of holidaying before the internet had been invented. You packed your suitcase,. read more...

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