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Blonde Moment
Owner Paul Wade
Design Hallberg Rassy 48
Length Overall 14 m 99 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 4458L

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Blonde Moment - blog 7 day5

Sundaythe wind was elusive all Saturday night and in to Sunday morning but by 0500 we had a mega 6 kts on wind- just about enough to try sailing ... engine off sails up .. we were moving again with out burning dieselbut the course was not good - who cares we still have over 1200 mile to go to sail change to code zero improved our course and speed and we now had a speed over the ground of 5 knots - a major achievement considering the passed 24 hours.By the end of the day the winds have increased to around 18 knots and we had change the code zero for a poled out head sail and had a heady boat speed of 8 kts but were being driven back by a very annoying current reducing our speed over the ground to 6.6-7 kts.A trade off with the increase in wind is a bigger sea state and a. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 5 day 3

we had a good sail overnight, level pegging with Devona until early morning when a wind shift required a change in sail plan -no asymmetric and onto a poled out head sail and they sailed off in to the distance with there Parasailor pulling well.As the day progress the winds eased and in order to save the sails from being destroyed by the constant flogging it would be time to start the engine and put the sails away.I am not sure what it is about the hour of sunset but it seems to be the time that problems appear and this evening was no exception....The electric WC pump decided to stop!This has been an on going problem for a couple of month and I hope a new pump will be in Horta on our arrival.To sort the problem requires removal of the pump - easy you may think the designers in. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 6 day 4

A frustrating dayHaving motored for a few hours overnight in lumpy seas the wind started to fill and.... engine off... sails up - this is it!however within a few hours the cloud cover thickened and i wondered if we were in for a the wind did a 360 in the space of an hour and then disappeared to .05 knots - no option engine again- at least the confused sea had gone and the ride was much smother.The hot days have now gone and we have even had a rain shower or two but when we see the sun it is still quite warm.. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 4 day 2 part 2

It had been a fantastic days sailing on relativelycalm seas with full main and asymmetric spinnaker- this was the longest this sail had been flown in a single session - fantastic!As a standard practice with sailing over night with a spinnaker I always drop them prior to night fall to check for halyard chafe and then re hoist as iwant to reduce the chance of misadventures at night!. Today would be no different and after dinner just as the sun was setting we furled the spinnaker and tried to drop it to check for wear... It dropped about 1 meter and then was stuck - well stuck.... no up or down!There was no option but to go up the mast and as light was fading fast time was critical. In retrospect it was probably a good thing as we had no time to think about what could go wrong!Colin soon. read more...


Blonde Moment - blog 3 day 2 part 1

It was a good nightssailing with light winds and the calm sea just what was needed to get into the 2 handed routine, giving us chance to get some off watch sleep As the sun rose it was soon decided the time had come to change from the code zero to asymmetric spinnaker. With just the 2 of us this operation was completed very smoothly and amazingly quickly and we were soon back sailing again at between 6-7 kts in just 8 knts of true wind however our sail change had given Devonaa chance to catch up to about 2 miles- but now we were starting to pull ahead againThe wind was light all day and with the clear skies the day was hot ..very HOT!It was hard to find some shade on the boat withthebinimi stowed for the ocean crossing. andso we carry on .... read more...

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