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Enjoy - Engine problems still not resolved
Enjoy - Engine problems still not resolved

Enjoy - Engine problems still not resolved

Good thing we have two engines.With no wind, we've been motoring for days.Two days ago, the port engine just died on us.Don and Ken have been collaborating non stop to troubleshoot the issue(s).The theory is there could be both electrical and fuel starvation issues.They've been bleeding lines using compressed air, a bikepump, makeshift tube contraption of sorts (got to ask them about it).We've changed the fuel filter, the fuel water separator filter, and still no go.Yes, those dual Racor fuel polishing systems are looking mighty nice right now.Aric Euler, master mechanic, has been helpful via email as well.Lisa has been doing extra long shifts to cover and to help any lagging quesiness.Nina has been cook extrodinaire, inventory manager, and safety mistress (the guys just hate those. read more...

Enjoy - We have our very own yellow brick and it's got feathers!
Enjoy - We have our very own yellow brick and it's got feathers!

Enjoy - We have our very own yellow brick and it's got feathers!

First of all, we're alive and well and well fed.The crew loved Tali's coconut lime rice recipe, but hated the brussel sprouts smell.We made it through the gulf stream, and are catching an eddy now that give us current that helps us go South.We had to avoid 7 fishing boats that were in a circle with nets and such, during Nina's watch at 12:30 am...They didn't use AIS or show up on radar for some reason.We've got our own little yellow finch or such.Those of you who are in the know, let us know what type of bird this really is.Yellow Brick got all friendly, hopping on our backs as we slept, checking out the pantry and electronics, before moving on.We tried fishing but the rod tip which was a bit corroded now is no more.Something to work on next crossing.Nina, Don, Lisa and KenSent from. read more...


Enjoy - We're off to the Bahamas finally!

We've crossed the ARC starting line and are off to the Bahamas. To track s/v enjoy specifically load the ybtracker app. If you use the ybtracker app, you'll want to go to the fleet tracker and select a Rally or Race. Choose ARC Bahamas. That information is updated every 4 hours and is talking to a little yellow tracker beacon on the back of our boat.Don, Nina, Ken and Lisa!. read more...


Breeze On - We are getting there

We are 143 miles from the Bahamas. It is a beautiful, warm day with a clear sky. The water around us is that gorgeous shade of deep blue. During my evening watch the wind dropped and the sails flogged. We decided to motor sail as long as the winds were so light. I am getting worried about running out of fuel. We are hoping the wind picks up enough to sail soon. The temporary fix that George and Ray rigged to hold the main sail to the boom gave way. They are now using a reef line to hold the sail to the boom. If all goes as planned we will reach our destination tomorrow during daylight hours.. read more...


Exit Strategy - November 07

AT 7:53 AST, 6:53 EST Exit Strategy is at 32-12.05 N/ 074-46.85 W on course for the Bahamasmaking about 6.5 knots.  All is well.. read more...


Breeze On - What a day

Shortly after I sent the last post to this blog the out haul on our mainsail broke. That means that the sail is not attached to the boom and cannot be used. It happened shortly after dark. George and Ray did a great job making sure all of the lines were in the boat and lashing the sail to the boom. We motored the rest of that night and unfurled the jib yesterday. The wind was still in the 20's gusting to the 30's so we were able to sail with the jib only at 7 knots. The seas were so rough, even when we were outside the Gulf Stream.Swells of 8-12 feet and breaking waves coming from every which way. This morning the winds and waves have decreased somewhat. George and Ray are going to rig up a way to keep main attaches to the boom so we can use it.. read more...


Exit Strategy - November 7th

At 1015 ACT, 9:15 EST Exit Strategy is at 33 07.2 N, 074 06.4 W surfing down some breaking rollers.. read more...


Exit Strategy - Fish on!

We're slogging through the Gulf Stream towards your recommended 32.30/73 trying to find the edge.We sailed further south than the fleetfor a better sailing angle for our boat but appear to be converging on several headed for the GS exit.Caught an 8 pound bonita as soon as we entered the gulf stream--it's fillets are in the fridge for fish tacos as soon as the seas calm enough to cook!. read more...


Breeze On - We are in the Gulf Straam

We left the dock at 8:10 yesterday morning. We have been sailing ever since and we are now in the Gulf Stream. The conditions are, as Andy Schell says, gnarly. Big waves coming at us from several directions. It is hard to stay put when sitting, much less walking. We are all fine. Each of us is wearing a scopolamine patch and no seasickness so far.. read more...


Exit Strategy - Reporting In 1600 11/5/16

Exit Strategy here.At 1600 the wind died so we decided to motor the rumb line to the G'f Stream hoping to find more wind.All good here.Having fun.. read more...


Breeze On - We leave tomorrow!

Our departure has been moved up a day to take advantage of the wind direction. The wind will eventually be clocking around to the northeast which is not a good direction for crossing the Gulfstream.By leaving tomorrow we hope to get ahead of that.Sent from my iPhone. read more...


Breeze On - Testing Iridium Go

I am sending this post using our Iridium Go satellite phone. It is what we will use when we are offshore. Today we attended seminars on weather and Diesel engines. I also attended a women's round table discussion which was fun and helped to reduce the anxiety I have been feeling (at least a little).. read more...


Breeze On - We Passed Our Safety Inspection!

Breeze On arrived at Ocean Yacht Marine Center in Portsmouth, VA late yesterday afternoon. We officially checked in this morning and had our safety check this afternoon. We passed and are so relieved!  Lyall (shown in attached photo with George) had some great suggestions to make our passage easier.  IMG_0060. read more...

Breeze On - We Passed Our Safety Inspection!
Breeze On - We Passed Our Safety Inspection!

Encore II - Day 2- Coast Guard

Well, we are all being extra cautious and plan to leave early Wednesday for the Bahamas! While we are waiting, the rally organized a tour today of the local Coast Guard command center. We had to go through security to get up to the floor where they monitor all the boats in the area between NJ to SC in the Atlantic! It was very helpful to learn their recommendations for going offshore! It was also comforting to see them tracking all sailboats like us who are out there right now on their screens! We have such an appreciation for the Coast Guard and all military!! It is interesting to be here in Norfolk- the largest Navy base! We have an aircraft carrier across from us.. read more...


Encore II - Log Day 1-at Portsmouth

We are glad to see blue skies today after a very rainy week. We are docked with the other ARC rally boats here at Portsmouth, near Norfolk. We were scheduled to depart today for the Bahamas, but due to a tropical disturbance in the Atlantic, we are delaying our start for a day or two. We are getting tasks done on Encore II and enjoying meeting the other boaters.IMG_20151108_091815990. read more...

Encore II - Log Day 1-at Portsmouth
Encore II - Log Day 1-at Portsmouth