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White Whisper
Owner Mr Sean Hehir
Design Grampian 34
Length Overall 33 feet 9 inches
Flag Ireland
Sail Number 34

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White Whisper - Final provisioning

Friday 19th Nov. 2 days to start and last of thefresh fruit and meat stored, tomorrow Sat. will be for preparing the boat andgetting to the end of the forgotten list !. ARC Farewell party tonightthen wind down from shore life and prepare for race start Sunday 21 at 13:00hrs. Sean.  . read more...


White Whisper - DAY 1

This morning was like any Irish morning, Rain, Darkclouds and no sunshine, but at least it was warm !. By noon the skycleared the sun came out and the ARC fleet went to the startline. Light wind's gave a good start, so we stayed at the "safe" end ofthe fleet. Near the airport we set the spinnaker and are making goodprogress south. Our friends are all around us, tonight we will not be alone,well done to all of the ARC team. Sean andEamonn.    . read more...


White Whisper - day 3

Caught a fish last night or so we think, no picture to prove it !, our squid was chewed the hook bent and lead line gnawed but remaining positive we set a new menu for the next one. Good night of sailing with spinnaker, wind's from north east 10 to 12  knots clear sky with a full moon made it easy to spot two sail boats crossing close by. With favorable wind from the east today we're heading to a waypoint 20 deg North 30 deg West about 800 nm. to the Southwest, on reaching there we expect to pick up trade wind route to the Caribbean but still too early to think about "rum".Until next time, Sean & Eamonn. . read more...


White Whisper - day 2

Good first night sailing, started with  a bigfull moon which slowly became hidden by clouds bring some light showers butnot for too long. Morning saw sky clearing with light wind's, sailing becameslow at 14.00 hrs with winds less than 5 kts so we fired up the the "iron wind"to keep progress positive !. Some shipping about and a few seabirds checking us out. Last of the beef stew for tonight's meal andstarting to settle into our watch routine. Sean &Eamonn.   . read more...


White Whisper - day 4

All going well here spinnaker flying now in light easterly winds (8-12kts) for the past 48 hrs, with only one "Bang" around 23.30 Tue evening as the sheaf block holding the guy on the end of the pole broke, we rerouted the guy the traditional way trough the pole end and all is working fine.Last night started with a full sky of stars, as the moon appeared on the East light levels increased blocking out the smaller stars but soon the constellation of Orion started rising just below the moon and as the night progressed tracked its way across our path and setting in the West after Sunrise. A shooting star crossed Orion's belt before midnight.   The North star with its pointers Ursa Major and Cassiopeia rotated anticlockwise as we progressed from dusk. read more...

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