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Owner Rob & Jo Withers
Design Boreal 47
Length Overall 14 m 20 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4332L

Tintin is a Boreal 47. She has an Aluminium hull with watertight bulkheads fore and aft. A centreboard means minimises her draught.

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Tintin - Yadua

We left Savusavu early in the morning after the bad weather went through.Our plan was to get to Cocoanut Point on the far SW corner of Vanua Levi, so we could get to the Yasawa islands.The skies had been threatening all day, but there was little wind and not much rain.We motored the whole way.In fact, we got slightly further than planned to a large deserted Bay called Bua Bay and had a great evening on board Cabana in the company of Resolute and Zwerver.Yesterday, the small flotilla of boats made its way to Yadua (pronounced Yandua).Once here, we've pretty much decided to not go to the Yasawa Islands, but to stay here for a few days because its so lovely.Its completely desserted, well protected, and with great diving and snorkelling around.There is no internet (apart from Satphone) - you. read more...


Tintin - Bay of Islands

After clearing into Fiji at Lomoomo in Vanua Mbalavu, we've had thechance to slow down for a few days.We moved north to a small bay,co-incidentally callen 'Small Bay'.A narrow entrance led to asteep-sided bay about 200 in diameter with a further, narrower channelleading to a larger inner bay.It would be possible to get to theinner bay at high tide, but we contented ourselves in the outer bit.Echoing around the bay were what sounded like monkeys, but actually areoriental barking doves - making a big noise for such a small bird.Wemet another english family there, anchored in their aluminium lightingcentreboard boat.They are approaching the end of a 3 year voyage andplanning to return to the UK so their 2 sons can start secondary school.While their we were approached by Tui, 'caretaker' of. read more...


Tintin - Towards Fiji

The fleet has set sail from Tonga to Fiji.About 1/2 of the boats lefton Tuesday, but we left on yesterday morning with the rest.Jo has now flown home, so there are only 4 of us onboard.It will bestrange for me to carry on sailing without her after such an amazing 9month voyage together, but I won't be far behind.Some time ago - before Bora Bora, in fact, the high pressure hose on ourwatermaker burst. My brother Steve quickly sourced a new one and sentit ahead of us.You wouldn't believe the hassle involved in actuallygetting package delivered.After arriving in Tonga from Fiji on 6thJune, it took a further 2 weeks, innumerable phone calls and emails, 2trips to the airport and some more money before I finally got my handson it on Tuesday.Perhaps I appreciate it more because of the. read more...


Tintin - In Vava'u

We're currently on a mooring buoy in a small anchorage off a dessertedislet in the Vava'u group of islands.The weather is grey, damp andrelatively cool and we're having a very quiet morning hoping that theweather will clear so that we get good visibility for snorkelling anddiving this afternoon.After our arrival in Tonga, we had a happy evening meeting up with mostof the WARC fleet.Some of them we hadn't seen since Tahiti, so it wasgood to chat and share a beer or 2.On Tuesday, we left the town ofNaifu and went to an anchorage called Port Maurelle - no visiblesigns of habitation ashore, but quite a few non-WARC boats.Generalising hugely, I think that Pacific islands east of here aregenerally visited by yachts heading west across the Pacific whereasTonga and islands eastwards are often. read more...


Tintin - Tintin’s arrival in Tonga

Nicki here from Neiafu, the port of entry into Tonga’s Vava’u group of islands. We are currently sitting at anchor opposite the wharf waiting for our turn to go alongside and receive the Tongan immigration officials for clearance into the Kingdom of Tonga - unfortunately there is a long queue as many of the World ARC boats have recently arrived; sometimes travelling with so many boats on the rally has disadvantages.We had a good sail from Nuie ~ 250 nautical miles pretty much along the rhumbline with a decent sailing breeze most of the way, largely forward of the beam so we used plain sails rather than our downwind sails. After a glorious starry night departing Nuie we had mainly cloudy skies thereafter - with occasional torrential downpours (notably usually when I was on watch!)On. read more...

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