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Diana is on the water
Diana is on the water 08/05/2017

John onboard Jura
John onboard Jura 08/05/2017

Emailing: SAM_2679
Emailing: SAM_2679 08/05/2017

Wethomi with parasailor up for the start
Wethomi with parasailor up for the start 08/05/2017

Sojourner crew
Sojourner crew 08/05/2017

Hold on Savarona!
Hold on Savarona! 08/05/2017

First across the line
First across the line 08/05/2017

Ready to start
Ready to start 08/05/2017

Anakin on the water
Anakin on the water 08/05/2017

Teamgeist GER
Teamgeist GER 08/05/2017

Crew from Anakin BEL
Crew from Anakin BEL 08/05/2017

Allegra with their 5th crew...Hydrovane!
Allegra with their 5th crew...Hydrovane! 08/05/2017

Tellstar crew
Tellstar crew  08/05/2017

Diana, one of our family boats
Diana, one of our family boats 08/05/2017

Naia 08/05/2017

Winsurf :)
Winsurf :) 08/05/2017

Pure Elegance
Pure Elegance 08/05/2017

Avocation ready to go
Avocation ready to go 08/05/2017

Avocation 08/05/2017

Naia- Start in Nanny Cay
Naia- Start in Nanny Cay 06/05/2017

Nanny Cay_Start
Nanny Cay_Start  06/05/2017