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Wildlife spotting on the Malts Cruise. 14/04/2016

The Malts Cruise is an exciting opportunity to sail the Hebrides and see stunning wildlife and many species that few people associate with the British Isles. There are whales and dolphins abound, colonies of lounging seals, frequent encounters with the world’s second largest fish (the basking shark) as well as an abundance of seabirds skimming the white wave crests and nestled in the towering cliffs.The Hebrides, although northerly located, have slightly warmer waters and climate than generally expected at this latitude. This is a result of oceanic mixing from the Gulf Stream currents coming up from the Gulf of Mexico, and the cold, sub-polar waters moving south from the Arctic. The air above the sub-tropical currents is warmer too, which protects the Hebrides from temperature extremes.... Click here for more info..

Nosing your way to whisky knowledge. 22/04/2013

Whilst most people may think that with whisky it is all about taste, for a true appreciation of fine single malts, one needs to start with... Click here for more info..

Isle of Skye - Eilean a' Cheo. 22/04/2013

The Isle of Skye, or Eilean a’ Cheò (the misty isle) is a key part of the Malts Cruise 2013 itinerary.  Skye is known for its romantic... Click here for more info..

Cruising the West Coast. 07/01/2011

Cruising the West Coast 7 January 2011The west coast of Scotland is regarded by many as one of the finest cruising areas in the world. The... Click here for more info..