Cruising the West Coast

07 January 2011

Cruising the West Coast
7 January 2011

The west coast of Scotland is regarded by many as one of the finest cruising areas in the world. The plethora of islands and headlands mean there is always a sheltered route and a quiet anchorage, but the cruising is never boring.

Scotland is famed for its wildlife, and cruising the west coast you will almost certainly see basking sharks, dolphins, porpoises, sea eagles and perhaps otters. The pristine waters are home to lobsters, scallops, mussels, langoustines and a host of perfect seafood to sample, and of course, the Scottish rain helps to create the famous single malt whiskies of the region.

There are so many anchorages and interesting areas to explore, that in a summer's cruise you need never visit the same place twice.  In fact you will need many years of cruising the west coast to have visited all that it has to offer.  The sailing can sometimes be challenging and the rocky shoreline keeps navigators on their toes, but this is what brings sailors back year after year.