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Scarlet Oyster
Owner Ross Applebey
Design Oyster Lightwave 48
Length Overall(m) 14m 60 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR 17025

Scarlet Oyster is a race charter yacht, with a formidable race record. A long time ARC competitor and supporter, this is her skippers 7th ARC, and the 5th on Scarlet Oyster!
Her skipper is eying up a 6th Class win, which would be his 5th in a row on Scarlet!

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Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Oyster Blog Day 12 ARC 2015 ITS A MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR.

We sailed away for 2 weeks on Sunday, to the land where the Bong tree grows,And there in a wood a piggy wig stood, with a ring in the end of his nose,His nose, a ring in the end of his nose.The moon has waned. And has been rising 40 minutes later every day, as wehave sailed west. As a result of only 12 hours daylight we have started torace in pitch black conditions about 9 hours every night.So What ?Everything is 3 times more difficult for an amateur crew at night. Helmingis extra difficult. Imagine balancing blindfold on a super large rollingball without a safety net.Get it wrong and the repercussions can be severe. But we are racing. HelterSkelter. Full on. Our rival for second place overall, Durlindana 3, hasraced a great race. Pushed really hard. Our challenge is to beat them.Few of. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Enterprise Captains log Day 10 ARC 2015

Sat in front of the computer, thought I could write something to occupymyself!It was brought to my attention a while back that our sail number 1702T isremarkably close to the registration number of the 'Starship Enterpriseallegedly '1701T', I've never managed to find out if this is infact true,but if it is it may suggest we have 'warp speed' at our disposal.I havespent 25years sailing on Scarlet, there are a couple of switches for which Ihave yet to find their purpose, perhaps that's what they are for?!Thiswarp speed would appear to be our only hope if we are to stand a chance ofbeating the mighty VO65 Brunel on IRC corrected time!100' supermaxi 'Leopard's' record last year rose the bar very significantlyfrom previously, so to better that in a 'production' 65' racing boat ismighty. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - 10 ARC 2015

TUMBLING DICE, SHE TRIED TO TAKE ME UPSTAIRS FOR A RIDEJach Spratt ate lots of fat And Jill ate lots of sweetiesJack's just had a heart attack and Jill has diabetes.We are passing through an active weather area which in practice meant anight in a tumbling bunk. Now I know how a cat feels which falls asleep in atumble drier which is then switched on.The white fluffy clouds have become large cloud lines harbouring toweringangry squalls which throw out savage unstable wind and projecting breakingwaves which rock the wind out of the spinnaker so that we plunge and gyrateand have to work constantly on trim. At night the squalls have a thickblack base and if they pass over drop a skip load of rain.A squall can shred a spinnaker so we spend hours on watch, dropping thespinnaker as necessary.. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Day 9

MONDAY MONDAY. North versus SouthI sprang to the stirrup and Joris and he,I galloped, Dirck galloped, we galloped all three.The trade winds lie South of the Canaries at this time of the year sotraditional sailing ships dived deep down South until they hit the TradeWinds proper and then sailed West pretty much dead down wind which they weregood at. Many yachts in the ARC choose this course because it is generallysafe and comfortable.The disadvantage is that it is a longer distance to sail and the GreatCircle route which we have broadly followed is the shortest distance. It isnot without its risks including potentially difficult weather and becalming.A modern sailing yacht like Scarlet Oyster is pretty good in most windconditions and arguably more difficult conditions give us a better. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Day 8 Of Mice and Men !

It must be Sunday. For we have slipped the surly bonds of earthand dance the waves on laughter silvered wingsA 50 per cent increase in our readers, thank you Elsie Maynard of 4 RailwayCottages, Fawncett, Norfolk Aged 82, Spinster who asked" Can you tell me the difference between a jibe and a gybe, Al ?Must you jybe ? It sounds most unsavoury'.Yes Millicent we must. A jibe pokes fun at something or some one, a barbedcomment. A jybe is how we turn corners when racing downwind, requiring teamwork toperform a myriad tasks. Ross and Sarah can do this on their own but Sarah,sadly is not here so it takes most of us and we did eleventeen last night,some better perfomed than others as Neptune sent some unruly sprite ourefforts to undo.Justin is called from his bed at rude hours to perfom. read more...

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