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Scarlet Oyster
Owner Ross Applebey
Design Oyster Lightwave 48
Length Overall(m) 14m 60 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR 17025

Scarlet Oyster is a race charter yacht, with a formidable race record. A long time ARC competitor and supporter, this is her skippers 7th ARC, and the 5th on Scarlet Oyster!
Her skipper is eying up a 6th Class win, which would be his 5th in a row on Scarlet!

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Scarlet Oyster - 100miles to go! Scarlet last day at sea (hopefully!)

Hi All,A few milestones reached, one significant one for the superstitious was thatat 2343:13UT last night we were 13 seconds, 13 minutes, 13hrs, and 13 daysinto my 13th Atlantic crossing, I elected to play things very safe aroundthat time! We had a big cloud approach us minutes before, but fortunately nodire consequences!As of 1000 today we were 100miles to go, we just need a bit more wind and abit of north in the wind and we can still beat the mighty Leopard, going tobe close, but so long as we give it our all, it does not matter to me ifthey do prevail over us, we would be more than delighted with a fourthconsecutive class win, and as with all crossings, a safe rewarding one, is agreat outcome regardless of any race position.It seems that the S played out well for the intrepid French. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Oyster ARC Blog Update Sunday 7th Dec 2014

Hi All,Been pretty frenetic here!There have been numerous squalls over last 3days, good news is we have all had showers, and also plenty to do!The A3has been our work horse, it has been hoisted and dropped at least a dozentimes at all hours of the day, amazingly it is still in one piece, mostunusual especially as it has been flown in up to 35knots on a few occasions!We must have used a couple of sheep's worth of wool in stopping it with woolfor each hoist!The results have been great, and we have been racking up the miles.Hikingis a new discipline to ARC sailing, but makes a difference when pushinghard, we have 10 strong crew so have decided to capitalise on this, theweight is no use on the wrong side!We got caught by a massive cloud system after 1600 yesterday, the cloud hadits own wind. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Oyster ARC Blog Update Thursday 4th Dec 2014

Day 11! The start seems another world away. We are fully into the routinehaving reached halfway on Day 8 ... This was celebrated in style with abottle of Veuve Cliquot and a few Abba and Bob Marley tunes blaring out ofthe Yacht's sound system... 'Ebbe' (one of our Swedish crew members) used towork for the Abba Museum... It is therefore him that I blame for the factthat my memorable 'half way' celebration point in the Mid Atlantic will nowalways be tarnished with 'Super Trooper' and 'Mamma Mia'! :)The ARC race it would appear is clearly a 'bucket list' item for all of the8 non regular crew.... One of the crew mentioned that is was No. 6 on hislist, which inevitably led to inquiries about No.s 1-5... The subsequentchatting in the cockpit by the crew on watch and inevitable loss. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Less than 1000 to go!! Scarlet Day 10 Blog

Hi All!As of this morning we are now through the 1000dtg mark, this is good news asour distance to waypoint on our helm display cannot go beyond 999,unfortunately this display has succumbed to either heat exhaustion, or itperhaps drowned in one of yesterdays squalls!Our worthy adversaries on Captain Blind are sailing slightly quicker than wecan manage, and choosing similar angles, occasionally they will lift offmore to the S, but on balance we are trying to do the same thing ie sail aslow as we can with speed in these lighter winds.From their blogs itappears they are getting wound up by our apparent following tactics!We are sailing to our angles, as to do otherwise would give them anadvantage, it seems that both boats like the same angles!Hopefully afterrum in st Lucia they will cool. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - The Blind leading the?... Scarlet Day 8 Blog

Yesterday evening saw champagne sailing conditions, and even a visit from a pod of dolphins.Halfway was toasted with champagne courtesy of Ross' girlfriend Sarah. We continued our pursuit of our worthy rivals, Captain Blind, into a star-studded night. Their preferred course to St Lucia, very much mirrors what our own routing is saying, it would seem foolish to split from our strongest rival given that we currently have the upper hand, so we continue to keep them in our sights.After the moon set the darkness gradually engulfed us, and by 0500 a huge black cloud was right above us. Winds from all corners of the compass gusted up to 30 knots. Our trusty co-skipper Mark jumped out of bed and onto the helm. As a well-oiled machine, we changed from our biggest recently patched up. read more...

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