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Scarlet Oyster
Owner Ross Applebey
Design Oyster Lightwave 48
Length Overall 14 m 60 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 17025

Scarlet Oyster is a race charter yacht, with a formidable race record. A long time ARC competitor and supporter, this is her skippers 7th ARC, and the 5th on Scarlet Oyster!
Her skipper is eying up a 6th Class win, which would be his 5th in a row on Scarlet!

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Scarlet Oyster - Re: Scarlet day 15, The Home straight

Too hot on deck, so I am busying myself in the nav area, trying to look likeI am doing something important.Still in pretty light winds, not really averaged over 12knots for last fewdays, but at least we are moving.Clouds have been something of a feature of this crossing, with some prettyimpressive shapes sizes, and colours been shown off.Some even had stickydown spinny bits (water spouts), and many have had flashy bangy specialeffects.Our passage through the light patch a few days ago went better thanexpected, with more wind (mostly from cloud) than expected, there was arather alarming amount of lightning all round us, so much so that we put aselection of communications location and safety electronic devices in theoven to protect them in the event of a direct hit, I happily report. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet day 10, The Beautiful South?!

Been a few days since we wrote anything, been a bit busy working out whatweather is up to and catching lots of fish, a Scarlet ARC 1st!As we had assumed there has been no middle option on the weather, so we havebeen forced to sail down south of 13 deg N, plus side it is warm, downside,it is too hot!Other plus is the bigger fish!So far we have hooked 10fishand kept 4 of them, two mahi Mahi, 4kg and 10kg, a Wahoo at 4kg and a bigfat Tuna at 13kg!The freezer is more full than at the start!I think I have to accept the N route was likely quicker, however the risksof it outweighed the gains in my view, our strongest competitor in class isas always the Quokka, with Philippe back in the reins, we match raced eachother for the first 3 days, never more than 1.5miles apart, they haveoptimised with. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet day 4, the North South divide

Its beginning to warm up a fair bit down here, so at least the rain is warm!Speaking of rain we have already had a few biblical downpours!The tempsare still a little cool to shower in these clouds, so they are quite aninconvenience, especially as they play havoc with what little wind weactually have...The Southern route on this crossing seldom proves fastest, I am sure that isthe case this time too, but it is the safer option in some cases.We havesomehow got a long way south with minimum penalty so far in terms ofplacings, infact we are currently leading our class!This is despitedriving over 420miles to the south of others in our class in less favourablewinds too!Even from this far South our routing keeps trying to send us North into thestronger winds, the problem is the forecast wind is. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - First Scarlet Blog 2016, North or South?!

Morning All,Thought maybe about time to write something!Takes a while to settle intothe rhythm of life onboard, so first day or two is sometimes a bitdisjointed!We had a reasonable start to the race, rather crowded at the upwindcommittee vessel end, as boats all wanted clear air after the start, the bigfaster boats had the luxury of choosing a slightly more spacious spot.There was drama just 3 mins before the start with a collision between HotStuff and Il Cavaliere 3, very sad to see two boats races effectively overbefore the start signal, starboard tack Hot Stuff suffering a hole, and Iguess possible structural damage from being T boned by the port tack boat,and hence forced to retire.The other boat is likely to retire, or facedisqualification from the race.Fortunately it appeared that. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Oyster Blog Day 12 ARC 2015 ITS A MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR.

We sailed away for 2 weeks on Sunday, to the land where the Bong tree grows,And there in a wood a piggy wig stood, with a ring in the end of his nose,His nose, a ring in the end of his nose.The moon has waned. And has been rising 40 minutes later every day, as wehave sailed west. As a result of only 12 hours daylight we have started torace in pitch black conditions about 9 hours every night.So What ?Everything is 3 times more difficult for an amateur crew at night. Helmingis extra difficult. Imagine balancing blindfold on a super large rollingball without a safety net.Get it wrong and the repercussions can be severe. But we are racing. HelterSkelter. Full on. Our rival for second place overall, Durlindana 3, hasraced a great race. Pushed really hard. Our challenge is to beat them.Few of. read more...

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