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Southern Cross - Thirsty

Hi Everyone!
I got up this morning preparing for our equatorial celebration and realized we didn't have any water. Steve was on the helm and he checked the pump. It was running. We checked the port side bilge, and it was nearly full. So we commenced to pulling every up floor boards and bunks until we found the fresh water hose at the water heater had come undone.

The hose was secured, water maker turned on and with two minutes remaining, we prepared our drinks in time to toast our equatorial crossing. Our beverage was rum with fruit mixture and some sparkling wine.

We had our drinks and gave some to Neptune so he wouldn't wouldn't get poopy pants. We did not have time to put on our complete costumes, but the day isn't over. From what I understand, in the sailing community we are no longer considered Polliwogs, but Shellbacks. I hadn't heard this before, so I will have to look it up on the internet to see what special prize we have one. Steve has annotated it in the ships log and we should receive our Certificate of Crossing at a later date.
I am sure we will put pictures of ourselves on facebook.


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