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Lexington - Captaon Bob: 10/13/2017 19*. 19' south. 64*. 52' east.

We are again without satellite so this is written to be sent later. We are having lovely weather with mostly blue bird skies. We have had periods of slightly light wind (8-9) but now we have a comfortable 12-13 and doing about 7 knots of speed over ground.

Just to show everything is not perfect, I had to fix my head yesterday. It was allowing water to back up into the bowl. The calcium in the urine reacts with the sea water and precipitates. There was a thick crust calcium on the joker valve that prevents back up. It was not that much trouble but it was work on my knees while underway dealing with sewage.

This morning Sam noticed an abnormal sound. He found that the Watt and Sea had broken an attachment and was rotated up against the hull causing moderate cosmetic damage. We pulled it out of the water and will try to fix it in Mauritius. Watt and Sea is the device to make electricity as it is towed along in the water. It is excellent to have. Unfortunately several of the boats have had problems. I think they take a lot of force from being towed 24/7. I think their design needs to be strengthened. Two boats have had the brackets holding the Watt and Sea on the boat break, two have come apart, exposing the electrical parts to the sea, two electrical connections have failed, 3 bolts holding it deployed into the water have broken. Watt and Sea is a sponsor of the World Arc. I will ask them to forward this post to Watt and Sea.

May fair winds fill your sails with electrons for your batteries and stronger devices.



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