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Lexington - Captain Bob: 10/7/2017. 16*. 06' south. 081*. 30' east

This is being written to be sent when we get connectivity.

We are still having a brisk ride with winds of 18-28 knots and seas of 8-15 feet. Last night one of our fore sails came loose at the top. It had come out of the foil and was dragging in the water attached by the tack and clew. It is great that we have excellent deck lighting with which to work. For those that are fashion conscious, I was wearing tightie whities and a life jacket and harness. The remaining foresail was flapping in the air but it could not be furled until the tack of the disabled sail was removed. I just cut the attachments which can be easily repaired. After furling the remaining foresail and rerouting the sheet we were able to pull the sail out of the water and on deck. When we get someplace with a good sail loft we will see if repairs can be made.

Such is the life at sea. We are lucky that our recovery all went well. We are sailing along now doing 8 knots in 20 knots of wind.

Another boat that is out here with us but not part of the World Arc took a lot of water over the boat. From what I know it crushed their dodger and allowed water to pour into the boat. They were in contact with one of our boats. They are both from Italy. The damaged boat is doing OK with no mission critical damage. They were very glad to have the other boat's support. It is just nice to know that someone is aware of your difficulty. Unless you are sinking, on fire or totally disabled and willing to leave your boat, you are on your own to limp along. It would be a very sad day to have to abandon your boat to likely never be seen again.

May fair winds fill your sails and not pull them down.



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