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Misty of Mylor - Misty's blog: Mountain hopping in French Polynesia

It’s April. I am currently in Rangiora, 200 nautical miles from Tahiti. It’s 28 degrees (at 8am) but feels more if there is no breeze. During the day it’s sunny most of the time and at night we have showers and thunderstorms.

French Polynesia is one of the most remote places on Earth anyone can travel to. So far We have visited the Marquesas (Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva and Oa Pou) and Tuamotus (Kauehi, Fakarava and Rangiora). The Marquesas Islands have mountains, loads of green vegetation, jungles and waterfalls, while the Tuamotus Islands are atolls. They are flat, full of palm trees and the middle of these islands have a hole formed by the crater of an underwater volcano. It’s like a lake surrounded by a half mile land ring with usually one or two gaps where boats can sail in and out.

All these paradise islands are underwater mountains/volcanos. As you sail away from them the depth of the water changes from a few meters to 4 km within minutes. I am so glad that I cannot see the depth as it could look pretty terrifying especially for those with fear of heights.

It is special to be here and most of the time I feel grateful for being able to visit places like French Polynesia but sometimes it's not that straight forward.

I have been living on Misty since beginning of November 2022 and sometimes I feel that my life became an endless routine of tasks. Pleasant and not so pleasant tasks.

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