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Next Step - 28th March 2020 - Almost at Tahiti

Similar to yesterday morning we have had rain storms all around us with lightning and not a lot of wind for a most of the night. It's really not quite what we were expecting of the Pacific Ocean! Throughout the day the sun was hidden behind the clouds, we did have a bit more wind for a while under the dark storm clouds, but with a heavy swell it was difficult keeping the sails from flapping. We received an email from the WorldARC team advising that we would have to go for a different marina to the one we had hoped to get into, never mind. With our afternoon tea we had a biscuit fest as some of the biscuits were going a bit soft and needed to be eaten… In the evening Nicole made us a very nice supper with bacon, cream sauce and mash. It looks like it will be a wet and thundery night again tonight.

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