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Next Step - 24th March 2020

Another day on the Pacific Ocean heading for Papeete. Overnight, the wind dropped and again the engine was brought into service, thankfully the engine was only required for a short time. In the morning we had some good sailing alongside an intense thunder storm which remained on our port side. The wind has now gone ahead so we are off course, it may require the use of the engine to make progress. The uncertainty of what to expect when we make landfall is a little unnerving, we are getting some updates from the UK which has been very helpful. We have continued in our efforts to catch a fish but we have been very unsuccessful, obviously the fish do not like our lures..! For supper we had a very nice tinned chicken curry with rice, onion, garlic and a few extra spices. The wind has been very unpredictable all day and as we go into the night we have another massive squall/rain cloud to avoid causing us to take an extremely erratic course before we eventually get back on track now with the engine running.

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