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Amari - Hitting the Century Mark

We hit 1000 miles to go today!! What's weird about that is how much perspective changes everything.

Three years ago, when we were noobs back in New Bern North Carolina and just starting all this, one thousand miles at sea was a really big number.

And you might expect that instead of covid, we'd have an awful case of cabin fever after two thousand already on this one single passage. But we're all kinda cool here. I mean, would I like to hit the bar and have a plate of salty fries to go with my bacon cheeseburger and draft beer? Sure!

But at this point it's not urgent to GTFO the boat, and clocking off another thousand miles just doesn't seem like such a heavy lift. We are all in our routines, and we even get good sleep from time to time. But I'm old, and getting a good night's sleep every night hasn't been in my cards for years, so this isn't that much different.

Also, somehow this 2nd thousand went really quickly. Of course this has been the champagne sailing easy peasy "milk run", so maybe I'd feel different if we were getting beat up by the weather and waves all day everyday. Actually, I'd probably just feel like a bone head for going out in such a crappy weather window, lol.

Anyway, the bottom line is that we're settling into a personal (and interpersonal) ecology of living on a boat at sea, and that's a beautiful thing.

As for food, that Wahoo I caught is the gift that just keeps on giving. I pulled out another of the seemingly endless supply of freezer packets we made from the beast, put it into a red sauce of smoky chipotle and cumin seeds topped with a drizzle of nutty tahini sauce, and it wasn't fishy at all! Weird.

The sourdough bread recipe is down pat at this point. No, I don't have the crust perfect, leave me alone about that. I have determined that this is a limitation of the cooks oven, not the cook 😉.

And, I have to say that, as far as boat life goes, having that warm tangy loaf to slather some butter over (or peanut butter, or Nutella, or ... fill in the blank) is a pure joy. I just have to keep feeding the starter each morning, like a pet.

Wherever you are, I hope you find your rhythm, your process, your peace.

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