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Amari - More COVID updates, and duckinacan

We received a communication from the ARC Rally Control that all incoming sailing vessels will have to show hard copies of our medical insurance, and also that we have flight tickets back home. So we will have to purchase refundable one way tickets back to Anywheresville, USA, to show to them.

I guess a 3 week quarantine period in the middle of the Pacific Ocean just isn't enough, lol, because S 08 32.4, W 116 39.2 is such a known hotbed of viral activity, dontcha know!

It's all such a fluid situation, and I know they want to err on the side of caution, but I hope they don't get a wild hair and change their minds. I guess the worst case scenario would be to get the big "NOPE, can't come here." But even then, I guess we'd just reroute to some island that would take a bunch of vagabond boats like us.

Importantly, on to the celebrations. We hit the halfway mark at about 11am this morning!! And in true sailor fashion, we immediately made brownies. Because what says 1500 down, 1500 to go like brownies!

Get this. We are farther from land right now than we will ever be in our lives. Dude.

Tonight to celebrate we had duckinacan, aka confit de canard. We love love love this and have been saving it in the cupboard for some special something, and this will be it. Also, Dottie totally aced the cassoulet without having a recipe! "I got this", she said, and she did.

It's basically sausage coins, onion and garlic into that pan, then white beans and tomato paste all cooked into submission with some Frenchy spices. It was so good. So the celebration dinner was all that plus sour dough bread.

Grace said she loved this portion of the trip because last Wednesday was Beer Wednesday, today is duckinacan PLUS brownies, then you don't have to wait long before, yep, it's Wednesday again!

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