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Celtic Star - Blog 12 Day 12 Friday 6th December

Celtic Star was third in the poetry competition on the SSB net. We are  a small group of boats about the same size that chat daily and compare positions and weather.
Our poem is called "ARC Radio Net" - the names of the different boats in our group are all featured, though Desert Eagle has been modified.
At midday UTC the airwaves come alive,
On ARC 4 Charlie listening watch there is a friendly vibe.
We hear Eagles in the Desert as the Summerwinds blow
and Pacific Pearls are shimmering in the radio's electronic glow.
Alisara has an Accomplice to talk about 80's hits,
Simane is a regular as the roll-call keeps our wits,
The Next Step is Gentoo sailing westward all the time,
Santosha Too is put in here because it's a tricky one to rhyme!
Grace & Hope are the qualities of our splendid ARC net fleet
and all the boats are happy that in St Lucia we shall meet.
Celtic Star is shining in the heavens and all about,
"Nothing heard on listening watch, Celtic Star out."

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