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Air Power - 30 Jan

It took 2 full days to make it through the Panama Canal. Prior to this,
there was a little self-induced stress in the planning. We had to raft up
with 2 mono-hulls. One of each side of our catamaran. We talked among
ourselves how we would secure the lines. After pre-positioning ourselves, a
work boat pulled up and delivered our "advisors", (Canal employees working
a 2nd job assisting small boats like us, navigate our way through the

Since we had 11 boats making up 4 tiers, (3 rafted abreast, x3, then 2 at
on the last tier), there was one overall advisor in charge. He passed
information and instructions (i.e. speed), to the rest of the advisers.
Each boat had one, with the center of the raft as the local supervisor for
the raft. We had 2 on our boat each day. Carlos was completing his checkout
phase. He had to complete X amount of transits going both North and South
before he would be certified. His normal day job was security on the canal.
Similar to a Marine Patrol. We really enjoyed his company. He was somewhat
a historian and local guide. When an antique boat by a tourist company
cruised by, he said, see the African Queen? That was formerly owed by Al
Capone. Do you think off-shore accounts were invented recently?

During this 2 day odyssey, we enjoyed the company of a fellow veteran of
the British Army. Andy who is the Director of Operations of the World Arc
rode with us from Shelter Bay Marina in the Caribbean Sea, to La Playita
Marina in the Pacific Ocean. Close to 40 miles over 2 days. We haven't had
the pleasure of many sailors outside our grandchildren aboard Air Power, so
Andy was quite handy during the transit.

We were the last boat into the marina last night. Not because we were slow,
but we pulled rear security. Once everyone in our Flotilla was Safe &
Sound, we pulled in behind them. Pretty dark at this time. After check in,
we went to a local restaurant with the crew of Madgrigal. At first
appearance, John and his wife Angela, appear as a proper upper crust couple
from northern New York, but we see them as fellow pirates.

Dave & Jill

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