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Air Power - Jan 21

We arrived in the San Blas Islands 2 days ago. That morning it was a constant drizzle and turned into downpours as we were looking for a place to anchor. We found an anchorage with a few other boats hiding behind the islands out of the wind and waves. In typical fashion, just like the movie Top Gun, we did a low speed pass (3 kts) passing by all the boats swinging our bow to port and stern. Just knowing they were drinking coffee, spilling it on themselves. (#$%^ that Maverick 440, we're going to have their butt). After setting the hook, Jill and I jumped up in the air on the trampoline to high five ourselves, "We don't have the need for speed." I'm not sure Tom Cruise wants to be seen with us.
The following day, our ducky weather turned to sunshine. The water is about 8-10 feet deep. It's clear with lots to look at under the boat. I know this, because I spent all day under the boat scrubbing it with a brillo pad and a plastic scrub brush. There's been plenty of socializing between the boats. Impromptu get togethers. The indigenous natives come out to your boat looking to sell you fish, handicrafts, etc. And of course, the tax man comes to claim the $10 anchoring fee. Not bad, considering its good for 30 days, and helps keep the community fed.
Today we're taking the dinghy to one of the 10 islands we are surrounded by, to hang out and explore a little. (Should we take our malaria pills?)

That's it for now as we go off to explore.

Jill and Dave

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