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Folie a Deux - What do large spotted dolphins, Napolean, Whale Sharks have in common?

The Answer: All are a part of our experiences at St Helena Island in middle of the South Atlantic! 1700 nm from South Africa, 1900nm from Salvador, Brazil

We arrived at St Helena on late Thursday Afternoon, Jan 22. We had been escorted on our approach to the island by two of the largest dolphins we have ever seen, 15 feet long with spots.

On Friday Morning, we cleared into customs, immigration, and port control. Then went to the bank for St Helena Pounds [only good here and Ascension island] The rest of the day was spent touring the island, visiting the Briars, where Napoleon stayed for a couple of months while his prison home in Longwood was being built. We saw that as well as the room that he had died. Then it was off to his tomb where he has interned until the French dug him up 19 years later and took him back to France. The British had 3000 troops garrisoned, and 6 ships which sailed around the St Helena continuously guarding Napoleon from escape.

Friday afternoon, Brian and Lucy got to find and swim with a whale shark. There are 30 whale sharks at St Helena. one was enough for them. we will post some pictures in a week.

St Helena is a very special place. One may only visit by boat/ship [an airport may be completed by the end of 2015] The people are warm, generous, and fun loving. About 7700 folks live on the island.

Tim, Tracey, Brian, and Lucy

sv Folie a Deux

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