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Books by WCC members

QUICKSTART Circumnavigation Guide:
Proven Route and Sailing Itinerary Timed for Weather
ISBN/EAN13: 1530491975 / 9781530491971 US$39.95 
Charlie & Cathy Simon

Feel like you are on your world cruise with this overview guidebook for sailing the world co-authored by Captain Charlie Simon and, his wife, Cathy, while on their sailboat Celebrate, a Taswell 58. Easy-to read, well-organized and entertaining, at the end of reading this book one could ask, “Do you want to take this trip?” The emphatic answer is, “Yes. Let the voyage begin!”

For those fantasizing about a longer sailing voyage, a Pacific Ocean cruise or more, this book gives readers an excellent place to start. Although possibilities are limitless, most cruising circumnavigators follow a basic route similar to the one described in the book. It’s the most comfortable way to go (dictated by global weather patterns) as explained in the book’s useful reference section.

172 pages, full color, 154 color pictures, 18 maps, 49 satellite/aerial diagrams, numerous website links, blog entry quotes, index, and bibliography.
Available at and retailers for $39.95, and at

Fight for Sight on Theo's Future: A Voyage of Hope & Endeavour 
ISBN 9780903530408
Mike Brooke
Colonel Mike Brooke has published an account of his voyage around Great Britain in a 19-foot cutter to raise money for Moorfields Hospital and the UCL Institute of Opthalmology to research gene therapy to combat congenital blindness, which has affected his godson among thousands of others. The proceeds from the book will go to the charities Fight for Sight and the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit, dedicated to the welfare, conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises, a charity dear to his late son, Simon. The book can be ordered directly from Mike for £12.95 plus £3.95 postage and packaging.

“I recommend you read this and be captivated.” - Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward GBE KCB

Hasta Bananas
Ebook English & German
Otti Schmid

Retired after thirty years of flying as a commercial pilot for Swissair, Otti Schmid bought an ocean going sailing yacht. With little experience on the open sea, he set sail to circumnavigate the earth. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the ARC and arrived at the entrance to the Panama Canal where his first book, Hasta Bananas begins. Follow Otti’s adventure to Galapagos, Polynesia and Melanesia, New Zealand and Australia. Hasta Bananas is available in English and German through the Kindle store on Amazon, along with his second book, Hasta Luego

Team Excellence – Fulfilling the dream

ISBN 978-1907048203
Peter Coxon

A story of a dream that became reality and in turn has spawned more dreams. This is a true story of how one early dream evolved and was turned eventually into a set of considered practical plans and then a real life experience. It covers some of the practicalities and insights of a group of people with different experience and personalities who worked and sailed together for over 4000 miles in total. It looks at the mission and vision and considers the leadership and team work that everyone needed to demonstrate in order to ensure a safe, happy and successful journey, a virginal ocean crossing. Available through Amazon.

Shooting Stars and Flying Fish

ISBN: 9781742376653
Nancy Knudsen

A light-hearted but inspirational memoir about a remarkable couple who left behind the corporate rat-race and their previous life as racing sailors to follow their dream of sailing around the world - a story that demonstrates the rewards of taking risks to follow one's star. The book is available from Allen & Unwin online, or from Amazon, and is available world-wide on Kindle.

Life at an angle
Journey through the ARC 2018 - Atlantic Sailing
Kirsty French
Follow our journey across the Atlantic as crew on board sailing yacht Gitana as part of the ARC2018. The highs and lows, the swells and the skies, what happens when you put four university friends and one of their dad's onboard a 43ft yacht, cast the lines and head to the other side of the ocean.