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Medical Emergency onboard World ARC 2023-24 yacht CEPA

At the start of the sixteenth day at sea, one of the crew members of the German-flagged catamaran CEPA, was experiencing some very uncomfortable symptoms, including an intense headache and the loss of movement is some of his body. This was a concern for his crewmates, as Ebo, is normally an active character, ‘full of drive’. The skipper of CEPA, Thomas Floss, was very concerned and telephoned contacts with medical knowledge back in Germany. Through this conversation, the crew and doctor diagnosed that Ebo had had a stroke and continued to have high blood pressure. The crew needed to get Ebo to medical care ashore, as soon as possible and in the meantime try to take reduce his blood pressure.

Thomas put out a MAYDAY and was quickly in contact with the MRCCs in Germany but sat phone. JRCC Papeete was nominated as the RCC responsible for coordinating the rescue. Thomas contacted Rally Control who in turn informed the World ARC 2023-24 fleet and set about a plan to help. The crews of LONESTAR and PEC were close to CEPA and agreed to rendezvous with them to pass them medication to reduce Ebo’s blood pressure. PIPPIN, another yacht of the Rally fleet, but north of the group, was close to a 48m motor yacht called MV PALADIN, and they reported this sighting to Rally Control as a vessel which could potentially provide assistance. This information was passed to the fleet contacts, including the World ARC weather routers, One of the WRI staff was quick to identify and seek out contact details they held for the captain of MV PALADIN and put them in touch with JRCC Papeete. MV PALADIN agreed to take Ebo and a doctor from the World ARC yacht PEC to landfall as soon as possible. A plan to rendezvous at sea was made.

Today, EBO arrived in the medical facility on Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia and is receiving further treatment. Thomas Floss, has written a very clear account of the incident in more detail, with more information of all those people and elements that came together to assist. He and the crew are extremely grateful for this assistance. It is an account which shows the strength of the Rally and ocean cruising community working together, to help one another at sea. His well-told story is a written in German and English here.

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