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World ARC Rally – COVID19 (Corona virus) Update 4 21 March

As the World ARC 2020/21 fleet continue towards French Polynesia, World Cruising Club are working closely with the support of the French Polynesia High Commission to assist their landfall in the challenging circumstances surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic.

Further travel restrictions on inter-island travel has meant the half fleet will make landfall in Pape'ete, the capital of French Polynesia on the island of Tahiti, whilst sixteen have opted to make landfall in Nuka Hiva, from where some yachts plan to sail on to other destinations which are currently accepting yachts, including Fiji and Hawaii.

Skippers are being consulted and kept informed as they adjust their plans to adapt to the suspension of their circumnavigation. The repatriation of crews where possible is being coordinated by the French Polynesia High Commission. Berthing and haul-out for the yachts is also being arranged in consultation with skippers and local agents.

The fleet making their way to Pape'ete expect to arrive over the next six to ten days and their progress can be followed on the Fleet Tracker or YB Races app for mobile devices.

World Cruising Club are gathering information direct from each yacht to assist with the process of repatriation which is being co-ordinated by the French Polynesia High Commission.

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