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ARC Baltic departure day from Rønne

Weather or lack of it meant a fairly sporadic departure for the ARC Baltic 2019 fleet, there is a wind hole over the Baltic at the moment so it’s a sunbathing leg for the 200 nautical miles to Visby.


A couple of yachts refuelled, which is always advisable prior to a 200nm leg.

One or two decided to leave a little early and divert to smaller quiet harbours where there was a jazz festival, Elixir had a stop at Allinge on the east side of Bornholm. Circe left yesterday and have made a stop en-route passing Kalmar, ironically the final destination of the rally. 

Kleopatra chose to do some training manoeuvres in the harbour whilst waiting for permission to leave from Ronne port authorities.

Saturday is a ferry busy day here in Ronne. Every ferry that arrives seems to bring in at least another 30-40 Harley Davidsons it’s a very popular biker retreat and the noise is fantastic.

Others have left at their own pace setting out into a perfectly still sea on a gorgeous Baltic morning.

That’s about all for now really, looking forward to welcoming the fleet in Visby on Sunday and Monday.

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