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Exploring the delights of Guernsey

The programme in Guernsey started sedately with a free day for the participants to explore at their own pace. This was welcomed after an early start the previous morning. With a very wet start to the day most chose to spend the day getting some jobs done on board, and enjoying the cafes and restaurants on offer in St Peter Port. The evening saw a great opportunity for a pontoon sun-downer, especially as Clare had managed to get some mackerel from a friendly fisherman. So with fresh homemade mackerel pate, the crews all gathered in the sunshine, a great addition to the programme

During the rally we have been running a ‘Joke of the Day’ competition, the winning joke is read out on the next morning broadcast .Sunday’s was won by Howard from Fourforty, and he relayed it to everyone at the sundowner “Sailor Bill went into a bar, asked the waiter what was in the summer fruits pudding. The waiter replied “Strawberries, Blackberries, carrots, parsnips and sunflower” “But” said sailor bill “they aren’t all fruits” The waiter replies “Some are”. 

The following day the sun shone which was perfect for the Island Tour. The first stop was the Little Chapel, located in the parish of Saint Andrew, it was built and destroyed twice before Brother Deodat was happy with the third and final build. The tour then took them up to Plienmount point with beautiful views over the west coast of the island, giving them the opportunity to see the where they had sailed on Saturday, followed by a stop at the Guernsey Pearl for coffee overlooking the rocky bays. They then continued around the coast, with the final stop at L’Ancresse Bay, giving them the chance to feel the sand and water between their toes                          

With an excellent few days in Guernsey the fleet is now set for their sail to Jersey in the morning. 

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