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Goodbye lovely Sines

The morning of the 26 June the ARC Portugal fleet left Marina of Oeiras at 0900 and arrived at Sines late in the afternoon. Some of them had enjoyed a lovely sail, most seeing a pack of sixty dolphins which they described as a “moving breakwater”. The participants had that evening free which most used to go to a brilliant steak restaurant just behind the castle.

Yesterday at 1100 they had a tour little tour of the castle and its' museum, once home to Vasco de Gama. 

Being the penultimate stopover all the boats were called up for a prize. With Dignity was again first on corrected time and second in the ETA competition missing their time by two minutes and fifty seconds. Winner of the ETA competition was Dashzani who was only two minutes out of their time and also won the unique smiley Miley competition, missing the amount of kilometers the rally team had driven by eight kilometers. Saving Grace motored little on the leg and was awarded 2nd on corrected time.  Worst guess, and winner of the much coveted wooden spoon, was Bonhomme William. Carnival was called up for having hosted such a great party at Oeiras were presented a bottle of wine! Last but not least Kinni Rossi won the prize for the most motoring on the leg.

This morning was a very early start for the boats; as they had a gate start between 0600 and 0630 the boats were leaving the berths by 0550. They have the longest leg ahead of them almost 75 miles, with very light winds to start off with, building from WNW as they progress south, and certain to increase on rounding Cabo de Roca, on the final approaches to Lagos, where they are expected to arrive in the late afternoon early evening.

 On the left Bonhomme William proudly displaying the much coveted wooden spoon for the least accurate Smiley Miley guess!

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