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Peregrine - Oh what a night!

Tuesday night. We have just recovered from it! Out of nowhere we were hit by a squall. Well you expect that ... this is the Atlantic Ocean after all ... this 'squall' went on for 10 hours though. 10 hours wind winds around 30 knots, 6 hours with over 35 knots, with continuous driving rain. I'd call that a gale!

Afterwards we were all a bit broken. All is now good though. We have all caught up on our sleep and are now just preparing for lunch, with a nice benign 16 to 20 knot wind and sunshine. All we need is dolphins for Hannah.

We did see a whale though. A Sperm Whale we think. It we swam beside us for about 20 minutes before have a dolphin like play at the bow! Beautiful! She (He?) was about the same size as Peregrine, so a baby perhaps?

Joy continues to attract the water, so much so that we suspect that she might be a Water Goddess. Water just loves her and has to be with her. Surprisingly she is not very enthusiastic about this idea.

Rob, despite doing as much as he can to avoid the sun and getting burnt has revealed that he has a bit of a tan (on the back of his thumb!)

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