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Salsa af Stavsnäs - What a Gal!

Last night was the first night that our sleep cycles and watch got totally messed up.
It all started with two squalls that passed on both sides of the boat and I smiled and thanked mother fortune.
Next I see on radar is not a squall but a wall, an entire front.
So i keep the genua reefed after being prepared for the squalls and decide to start the engine to keep us moving.
There is hardly no wind in front of the front. The propulsion does not create any movement of the boat and I wake up Ellinor.
She drives and I check the aft of the boat and realize that our problem child Hydrovane wind rudder is messing up itself in the waves. Has nothing to do with the engine but is an important issue for the boat.
We have to get the rudder off again! Now in darkness and big waves pounding on the boat. The weather front moving closer.
I get harness and life vest (old fasion, already ready), and get down and manage to get the rudder off, it feels like working in an elevator running in a waterfall.
Up  we go and the propeller problem remains, we put reverse gear and then forward, it works!
Then the front came, and it came hard! Gale winds up to 39 knots and it rained, and rained, and rained!
To make a long night short, Ellinors comment was good this morning: - everything was under control, but I need some sleep.
If you look at the tracker and see a funny track from last night, going south for a while, it's us, running with the gale.
According to the weather forecast our area will have a nasty weather pattern building up tomorrow, so we are going as fast as possible south west. There will be a big thunder and lightning show for whomever wants to be here.
The kids have been extremely helpful today, taking care of themselfes when we have tried to catch up our sleep.
The boat is nice and clean and all the salt is gone...

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