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Skyelark of London - are we there yet?


Anticipation! The casual glance to see if land is in sight is building
towards some who have definitely seen it (or seen something!) to staring
longingly into the mist where St Lucia ought to be.

Since the 1000 miles to go milestone we have started to talk about 'getting
there'. At 750 miles, still further to go than any single leg passage I have
made, we thought we were getting there. And with 27 miles to go, 1% of the
journey we still have about 4 hours sailing still to do.

On one the days before we left Gran Canaria we took a drive the rugged and
stunningly beautiful mountains of Gran Canaria. I cant tell you now if that
was a few days ago or many months. Although our lives are strictly governed
here by the hourly shift pattern, 2 hours on, 4 off, 2 on, 6 off, 'time' has
been replaced by 'space' and is a wonderful contrast to the 'always on'
technology enabled lives that most of us lead. Space to watch the clouds
form and go, to watch the flying fish dart from path of the yacht a glide
across the wave faces, space to wonder about the early mariners who made
this passage in little a primitive ships not really knowing where they were
and where they were going, and to gaze into the night sky at innumerable
brilliant stars. You get the idea right?!!! J

I v come to enjoy of the idiosynchrosis of life on board:- Olive oil for the
loo to stop it squeaking in the night, utensils and food flying everywhere
in the galley as the yacht crashes and rolls through 4 metre waves, the
immediate full co-operaton of all the crew members to pass a hot drink up
the companion way and to guys on deck, bouncing around on the loo as if it
was an over inflated (big orange) space hopper, people on the down wind
'naughty step' having a cheeky cigarette, using the little funnel to fill up
the small water bottles from the big ones which are then used as bins for
the non-degradable waste. These are a few glimpses of life in our 51 ft

Soon to start the preparations for arrival we are all feeling pretty good
and looking forward to some local hospitality (thats code for rum btw!)


Ps we have arrived! Final blog tmw

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