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Puddle Jumper - Blog

Not so far now.
A solid day’s progress today with improved weather conditions and increasing excitement amongst the crew who will be meeting their loved ones on St. Lucia, although Captain Flint has also pined for the Norwegian fjords.
Also more sails sighted today and contacts  made on the vhf.
Water usage on board has been restricted on the skippers instructions due to problems with the generator, so both Blofeld and I took advantage of the squalls to have nature’s own showers. 
Wet weather yesterday has made Puddlejumper looks more like a Chinese laundry,but a much better day today. The generator has chewed up its impellor, normally a simple fix. However on PJ we have to remove a lot of the transom to get at it. Its possible but very difficult, especially with squalls popping up frequently. Showers have been suspended till we know the water will last and any more grumbling will result in a few Gruffelos being awarded.
Dickie and i on 12 till 3 shift tonight so its off to my bunk now. Dickie is sleeping much better on the boat than at home i think he wants to buy Otto he finds the constant growling soothing. Charlie has moved again he is now up on deck, life jacket on (i wouldnt let him sleep without it) safety lines fastened to the padeye and the bimini, he had a dead flying fish on him at first light. Do the the Mafia deliver threatening messages this far out in the Atlantic?
All is well on Puddlejumper,

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