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Milanto - Log Day 16 The End nears

Day 16.

The chase to the end

Now for the last week or so, we humble sweaty members of the crew have
been looking at the data - checking the speed dials - wind speed (true
and apparent), boat speed through the water, speed over the ground and
of course velocity (for those of a mathematical leaning you will know
the difference). We've poured over the distance gone, the distance to
come and of course the distance left on night watch until we can crash
out our heads. . We've done the maths, re done the maths, dared to
wonder and talked in whispered tones. Yes, we've been trying to guess
the time and the date we might cross the finish line.

The practice has been frowned upon by the boat management - we need to
focus on the sailing not the finishing. So Vale's statement that we
would be arriving in St Lucia at some point during the hours of darkness
on Monday night or early Tuesday morning was met with more than a little
twittering excitement. His declaration was of course littered with all
sorts of caveats about wind speed and weather, which naturally we
ignored. We were within 360 odd miles of the finish.

So we are to have one probably two more full nights at (my own guess is
mid morning on Tuesday). Last night (Sunday) the wind was forecast 30
knots so day broke to us having less than 200 miles left. The forecast
is for the same to come over the next 24 hours so we continue to make
good progress through the water.
We have already begun our nostalgic look back at the low points of wind
and rain, and are eulogising the highs, but we will have plenty of time
for that on another day. For now, we intend making the most of our last
24 hours of blue water sailing. Where else in the world can you travel
for over two solid weeks, with uninterrupted 360 degree horizon views
and see absolutely nobody?

We would dearly love a racing finish to complete our epic journey, and 3
boats may provide the necessary foil, talk has begun about tactical
jibing and the beast being harnessed once more. To my mind we will
probably be without opposition when the time comes, and we will cross
the line alone, but with a hero's welcome.
But that doesn't stop us dreaming.

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