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Salsa af Stavsnäs - Going Bananas

Yesterday was a day in the desert. The sun shining and almost no wind. The terror to be with little wind and a swell of 1-2 meters is that the sails flap violently everytime the boat rolls. It sounds like thunder and it makes you wonder if it is going to hold.
Our bananas matured all at the same time, just as exciting to tell the world, as writing home that you have seen the Eiffel tower in Paris. The difference is that we believed the guy who told us to cover them in dark and just bring out those you want and put them in the sun.
The autopilot went bananas, it decided to stop working as soon as you did not look. We suspected some interference in the network and decided to shut the whole boat off, since it did not help to just switch off the unit.
Strange feeling, in the middle of the atlantic, to shut the whole space ship down. You realize how many things that are electric now.
Late afternoon the sea was so settled we jumped in the ocean. I took the opportunity to refit the Hydrovane wind rudder so at least we have a spare. Being just two on board with children looks a little bit uncomfortable to hand steer 9-10 days ahead. Coming up again from the water (little bit scary to have 4000 meter under you) we restarted all the electricity and it all worked again!
But the banging and slamming was driving us bananas. The sun started to set and a small breeze picked up, YES! 2,8 knots! Can you feel the G-force? YES! over 3 knots now! The GPS shows we will be in St Lucia for Eastern at least (Hate that ETA function) It got dark, more wind, 4.8 knots! WOW! And now, ladies and Gentlemen! we are making 7.2 knots! Fasten your seat belts!!!
Throw the old bananas over board...

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