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Rivendell - "Beau Knows Fish"

8 December 2012

Well I was kidding Beau about the whale that we encountered a few days past.
It was a typical fish story (but a true one) but as time goes by the fish
grows in size. Beau gets very enthusiastic and excited - he's having a
great time that he will never forget.

Well as I stated yesterday we encountered two small Wahoo fish and threw
them back. Well early this morning Beau caught a huge Wahoo (1 1/4 meters -
40 inches). Biggest fish that he has ever caught and was he excited. Andy
next to Ben our most experienced crew member helped him fillet it. Taryn
did a beautiful job cooking a meal fit for a king. You cannot get fish any
fresher than we had.

Yesterday was very calm - no wind - sea very flat - so we were able to do
laundry in the washing machine. Today the winds have returned. We have our
cruising spinnaker up and it is doing a fine job propelling us toward St
Lucia. Presently we are heading a bit further south than we would like to -
so we will have to tack to get back on course to St Lucia. Hopefully we
will arrive late Wednesday or early Thursday morning. We've discovered
another (very small) tear in the main sail (#4).

Also early this morning we encountered a catamaran on his way to St Vincent.
He's not participating in the "ARC". The boat was from Germany - their
spinnaker was the German flag. He kept asking Andy what kind of boat we
were - Andy answered three times "we an Oyster" and we are 82 feet. He
didn't seem to understand - I guess we should have given him the size in
meters. Otherwise his English was pretty good.

I'm still hoping that one of you parents or friends will discover that "Moon
Bow" that Ben and I encountered.

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