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Indulgence - Singing in the rain

Saturday 8th December

Current Position: N 17o 30'.573 W 44o 12'.916

Current Speed : 7 knots

Distance to finish at Saint Lucia : 983 nm

It began as a promising morning, with bright blue skies and a salt water shower to start the day. So far, I've been smothering myself in factor 50, as red hair and freckles do not agree with the sunshine and this morning called for LOTS of factor foxy. Denis showed us all his guilty pleasure by turning up Frank Sinatra very loud on the mp3 player and dancing in the cockpit with his new sunhat. Priceless moment.

Well, well, well, the day was purely out to fool us all, as ever since we've been looking out at rain, rain and more of the same. We all feel right at home.

We passed a milestone today. Less than 1000 nautical miles left on the clock. They are ticking off slowly but surely.

John has been acting as a contortionist in his bunk watching chick flicks. Aidan spent the day cleaning out the bilges. I've made fish cakes for supper and Denis is diligintly sitting out in the rain keeping watch.

Our celebratory milestone rum will have to wait for tommorows 'happy hour' as its just too miserable to face sitting in the cockpit in these wet conditions.

Congratulations to Aidan's son Robert Heffernan who correctly guessed who wrote which lines of our poem. Rob, your dad has given you full permission to raid the petty cash at work and treat yourself to a sauna. Ohhhh hang on, he has just shouted out to me there is a clause, maximum value of €25. Tough boss! The lines by the way were written by 1. John, 2. Aidan, 3. Denis and 4. Joleen.

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