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Ace at Sea

Dear families and friends 

Poseidon seems to have made his truce with us and we are heading southeast towards our destination, the sea calm and full of glittering reflections of the sunbeams from a beautiful blue sky.  

Hard to believe that only two days ago we came through our own "Scylla and Charybdis", an angry storm wit gust up to 35 knots and literally walls of rain coming down on us followed by the deafening calm of a through that forced us head north to escape. By the time we yesterday had sorted out our mechanical problems, remarkably executed by our dynamic captain duo, we finally set full sail, our brand-new spinnaker and our competitive sprits restored and haven't taken it down since. 

What an experience to stand at the wheel, a gentle breeze in your back and over you the endless milky way . I looked up and  a shooting star passed across the sky. I made a wish. To make my happiness complete the Cross of the South came up during my morning watch around five (some assumed time zone between Las Palmas and St. Lucia) greet us and show us where not to go.

We now are in a "no time zone", our invention to catch up with the St. Lucia time (GMT +4) without having to change the watch schedule. So everyone pitches in for two hours and then back to business as usual. On this leisurely day the sense of a journey coming to an end starts making its way into the conversations of our group,  anticipation of a experience successfully and happily completed mixed with a little regret that it will be over soon and  maybe a hint that there may be other journeys to take. 

As Odysseus might have  say:" My men, our trial are almost complete and we are sailing home to   Ithaca"   ( for us that would be St. Lucia). We shall arrive there just iid time to celebrate on the 13th " Santa Lucia" the beautiful swedish Festivals of Lights, announcing the comeback of the sunlight just before the nights are darkest. we will celebrate

So then from my "pen " it is farewell and thank you for all your thoughts and comments. 

until we meet again Adrian

ps: LAM jag alskade they (spelling?)

Time:  1500 GMT Position:   18*29.5'N  051*27.8'W Wind:  16 knots from 100* Weather:  Tradewind Clouds Speed:  8.5-9 knots Heading:  250* Crew of ACE

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