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Jus' do it 5 - LOG DAY 8 - an ode to our Tuesday....

Tuesday 4th December 2012
1200GMT (5th December) miles in last 24 hours - 214
POSITION; 17' 00'.008 W , 040' 24.856 W
Big BANG, there goes the vang,
right on cue in late afternoon,
Skipper says "==it!", McPhail says "That's it!"
as the boom, it veers to the moon...
There's then a debachle,
while they find the right shackle,
a right sprachle all over the deck,
Gordon's concern is the angle,
as the boat bits, they dangle,
rum fuelled crew say, "och, what the heck?"
But the vang boys succeed,
the repair is complete,
and McPhail gets back to the fishin',
another new lure,
this one's for sure
for a wahoo we're all a'wishin'

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